homemade beauty tips for face

homemade beauty tips for face

beauty tips for face

There are many homemade beauty tips for getting fair skin naturally at home,which can found easily made and helpful without having too much time.

Follow these homemade beauty tips for face that can be used for fair and glowing skin.

beauty tips for face


Almond face mask for fair and glowing skin

This homemade face mask of almonds can do wonders with the colour of your skin. Use daily

for a fortnight and see the result yourself. Better than any skin care product in the market. I have tried it and you can see the result the very first day.

  • 3-4 Almonds
    • Milk to soak the Almonds.

In the morning soak 3 or four almonds(according to the area on which to be applied may be used for other parts of the body as well) in the milk. At night mash these almonds in the milk you can use some more milk. Mash it to form very fine paste. Apply to the face. Leave for whole night. In the morning wash face with cold water. With this face mask your skin becomes lighter as well as glowing.

This homemade remedy for getting fair and glowing skin also leaves your skin smooth and silky.
For dry skin, you can use daily. For oily skin use twice in the week.
Cucumber and lime juice face mask
Cucumber also has great skin lightning effect. It helps in healing the sunburn too. Combined with limejuice is best skin lightning face pack for oily skin.


  • One tablespoon cucumber juice
    • One teaspoon lime juice
    • One teaspoon turmeric
    • One teaspoon glycerine (for dry skin)

Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face can be applied under and around eyes also. Apply with the help of cotton balls. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water .For best results use this face mask daily for a week. Best for oily skin. For dry skin add some glycerine .

Gram flour face pack for fair and glowing skin

  • One tablespoon Gram flour(Besan)
    • One teaspoon lime juice
    • One teaspoon turmeric
    • Rose water for mixing

Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply on your face . Leave it till dry. Wash with cold water . This homemade face mask can be used on all skin types. This home made remedy gives very good result for naturally fair and glowing skin. Also leaves the skin smooth and silky.

Banana face mask for glowing skin


  • Half a banana mashed
    • One egg white
    • One tablespoon curd

Mash the banana mix well the egg white and curd in it. Apply on face. Wash after fifteen minutes. Banana is best for glowing skin. It gives the effect of a parlour facial. Try it and you don’t have to go to parlour for a glow on your face.

Camomile tea face mask for fair skin

  • Camomile tea
    •oatmeal powder 1tblsp
    •Honey 2 tblsp
    •Almond oil 2 drops

Make a mixtuer of chamomile tea and oatmeal in equal proportions (1/4 cup), 2 drops of almond oil and 2 tsp of honey. Use this face mask for getting fair and glowing skin naturally for 10-15 minutes.

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