How to care for long hair?
How to care for long hair?
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How to care for long hair?

How to care for long hair is a real issue.Have long hair takes time and maintenance. Our advice to treat your beautiful long hair.

Have shiny hair without forks, soft, strong and full of life requires a minimum of maintenance. This is especially true when they are long.

Wash long hair

This would result in damage to the hair. Or they may be even drier because including limestone in the water and sometimes aggressive asset shampoos; or conversely too frequent shampoos may accelerate the secretion of sebum which will not help the already greasy hair. The stalls offer for each type of hair formulas. So the shampoo has become a first step in the routine care.


It is advisable to 2-3 shampoos per week maximum. A shampoo that must be systematically accompanied by a conditioner that will nourish and help to untangle. Invaluable for untangling is an action that breaks the abyss and lengths. Step conditioner should not be zapped. This is a few minutes of exposure time.

Hydration and long hair

Constantly asked, long hair have a real need of hydration and nourishing care. To avoid having hair like straw and stringy tips, excellent hydration is essential. As it is unthinkable to go out without moisturizer to protect his face, he is the same for its length. There are many moisturizing sprays without rinsing lengths to protect from external aggression while providing a good dose of hydration throughout the day.

And once a week to recharge his hair, it is advisable to make a moisturizing mask after shampooing or an oil bath before shampoo.

A soft brush

Our grandmothers said that to have beautiful hair you had to brush every night. Rule ? 100 brush strokes. If the benefits of brushing is more to show it makes it possible not to unravel the length, to aerate the mass, to rid the lengths of pollution, pollen, dirt accumulated during the day- the idea of 100 strokes brush it is exceeded.

Indeed, besides being tedious gesture may excite the scalp that reaction will produce excess sebum. Moreover, too much brushing lengths may break them.

No good brushing without good brush. iron bristle brushes are banned. They break the hair when they do not create micro lesions in the scalp. He must prefer their brushes with natural bristles boars softer.

Note, brushing moves sebum located at the scalp to the lengths. A simple gesture that nourishes and adds shine to the lengths.

A healthy scalp

Beautiful hair is not very healthy without a healthy scalp. As for plants, everything goes to the root. So make sure to clean her scalp, offer him a small scrub soft at times to rid it of any impurities and massaging the course regularly. Massage gently carried to the fingertips (especially not with nails that will create microlesions and weaken the scalp) should be part of the hair beauty routine.

The massage will accelerate microcirculation, ensure better irrigation for a healthy scalp and in turn effect the most beautiful hair, full of life.

Attention to hair dryer

All sources of excessive heat should be avoided. To avoid burning its length, the hair dryer should always be used at medium temperature. Never use the maximum temperature even when it is pressed. And the unit should not be too close to the hair.

Adapts natural drying? Do not rub too vigorously lengths with the towel. The ideal and wrap them to absorb excess water and pat them gently with the towel.

And before using the hair dryers or flat iron, it is important to protect lengths and ends with thermo-protective oils that will mitigate the deleterious effect of heat on the hair. But be careful not to overload the otherwise lengths weighing it down and get a greasy not pretty at all.

Ends cutting

Finally, even when you want to have long hair, do not be afraid to cut the tips. Get rid of the forks that are not “repairable” and that in any event give the shorter hair like they actually are. No need to cut a lot, if they are healthy, a few millimeters every 3 or 4 months is sufficient to boost the beauty of her long hair.

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