How to choose your perfume ?
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How to choose your perfume ?

Not always easy to navigate the perfume department! Chypre or amber light or concentrate … There are hundreds of different flavors. How to smell good? Health magazine councils to find the fragrance that suits you.

Know what you like, or not!

Choosing perfume is  something very personal. Before choosing, Stephanie Bakouche Kouidri, Head of Olfactory Development at “L’Artisan Parfumeur”, advises us to think about the fragrances you love, but also to those we do not like, “When they ask us advice , customers will never tell us what they do not like. A good trick is to think of scents and flavors that bother us in the kitchen. Many ingredients used in cooking are also in perfumery, especially spices. “. The first thing to do before going into the store, is to wonder about his tastes in general. Result: the consultant will (almost) to pull us out of her. It will guide us with much more ease.

Know the 7 fragrances families

After being asked about his tastes, remains to identify the fragrance family we like the most. To recall, the French Perfume Committee are 7 great families of scents:

The flower, the flower dominant fragrances (rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, violet …) as Tresor by Lancôme, N ° 5 of Chanel or J’adore Dior.

The citrus, perfume bases of citrus (orange, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit …) as CK One by Calvin Klein.

Chypre, which are based on agreements oak moss, patchouli, bergamot … like Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso, My Claw Carven or Sisley Eau evening.

The amber (or Eastern), warm fragrance, sweet, vanilla-like Shalimar by Guerlain, Flower by Kenzo, Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Ferns, leathers and woods, which are more aimed at male customers but who can find their place in women’s fragrances (Jicky by Guerlain or Prada Prada).

Choosing the right formula

Perfumes are also declined following several formulas, more or less concentrated alcohol:

The perfume extract, which is the most concentrated formula, the most persistent and often the most expensive. It is applied in small steps as it is powerful.

The eau de parfum, less concentrated than the perfume extract. It permeates the skin of a scent that lasts all day.

The toilet water, less concentrated and lighter than eau de parfum. This is the formula for which is chosen every day because it leaves a discreet wake.

Scented extensions such as body creams, perfumes, hair, water lingerie … which contain a very low rate of perfume concentrate but which prolong the scent of perfume.

What image are we trying to send?

If one tends to think that the fragrance confirms the character, it is a reflection of our image, this is not always the case. Stephanie Bakouche Kouidri says: “It is true that strong characters tend to choose powerful fragrances. But very shy too! It is a way of affirming their personality. “.

We must therefore question the image that one seeks to return and the message we want to convey. If one decides to get noticed so he’ll opt for perfume fragrance concentration as water, or more masculine scents. On the contrary, if we want to be discreet, it is better to bet on the toilet water and more fragrant.

Moreover, Stéphanie Bakouche Kouidri distinguishes the great perfume niche perfumery. In large perfumery, marketing plays a very important role. Fragrances convey a certain image, they allow customers to identify with the muses, to the universe of the brand, etc. Women who seek to create an olfactory identity all they will head instead to niche brands that offer rare and original flavors.

Test its fragrance

Once we chose a perfume, it is essential to test it on his skin. Indeed, a perfume does not smell the same on the skin that the keys feel of paper (or blotters). The smell of a fragrance also varies from one skin to another. The type of skin (dry, oily, etc.) tends to transform the attributes of a fragrance.

Please note: even if you wear the same perfume his life, smell may change. Several factors such as diets or medications, can affect the acidity of our skin and alter the smell of a fragrance.

On what part of the body to test its fragrance? Stephanie Bakouche Kouidri advises to spray her perfume at the occultation points: wrist, behind the ears and the hollow of the neck. These are places where the skin is thin and where blood flows. Body heat allows the fragrance to exhale.

Understanding the olfactory pyramid

It is important to wait a while before making a decision because the fragrance takes time to flourish. Indeed, account must be taken of the successive and progressive evolution of top notes, heart and substance.

Top notes evaporate first, because they are more volatile and consist of lighter raw materials (citrus fruits or green notes, for example). They dominate the smell during the first two hours.

Then, expresses the heart of the fragrance: floral, spicy, fruity that last longer and evaporate more slowly (2 to 10 hours).

Finally, the base notes – which support the entire composition – are revealed. These are the marks by which the fragrance lasts until evening, and even days on clothing.

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