How to get rid of Yellow Teeth
How to get rid of Yellow Teeth

How to get rid of Yellow Teeth

 Yellow teeth can be embarrassing and most people might have a negative thought about you especially in regards to general oral hygiene.

Most people will assume that you do not take care of your teeth and will think that you have bad breath. You cannot blame them because yellow teeth are brought about by a number of factors that you can avoid and it is up to you to know what causes this yellow teeth and how to get rid of it.


How to get rid of Yellow Teeth

What causes Yellow Teeth?

Prior to searching for teeth whitening techniques, you need to understand the source of the coloration on your teeth. To start with if all the teeth in your mouth are something closer to yellow, this might mean that this is their natural color but if it is a tooth here and another one there, you need to consider effective teeth whitening methods to bring back that white smile. Common causes of yellowing include but not limited to acidic foods, excessive smoking, coffee, tea, and age. Below are steps you can follow to whiten your teeth.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is among the most effective ingredients you can use in teeth whitening as it will assist in getting rid of plaques and making your teeth white again. You only need to add a little baking soda to the tooth paste when you brush your teeth and then rinse with warm water. Or just scrub your yellowish teeth with a diluted solution of baking soda for at least 2 minutes. This should be limited to once a week and then twice a month as baking soda can strip away the enamel.

Orange Peel technique

If you clean your teeth using a fresh orange peel, the yellowing on your teeth will disappear. The orange peel should be rubbed over the teeth prior to going to sleep. Repeating this for weeks will go a long way in providing an easy teeth whitening solution that is effective and cheap.

Strawberries Method

The vitamin C in strawberries will help you in your teeth whitening efforts. You should crush a few strawberries into a paste and then rub it on the yellow teeth. The paste can also be mixed with a small amount of baking soda and then the teeth rinsed with toothpaste and warm water.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a mild bleaching effect that can be used in teeth whitening. After cleaning your teeth you can rinse and gargle a hydrogen peroxide based mouthwash while avoiding that the solution is not swallowed. Another option is to make a paste containing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and use it to brush your teeth gently. Brush your teeth using normal tooth paste to get rid of the solution. Hydrogen peroxide should be used with extra caution since it can affect the gum and make your teeth a bit sensitive.


Lemon has a bleaching effect that can be used in teeth whitening. After cleaning your teeth, you can gargle lemon juice or scrub your teeth using lemon peels. Mix a few lemon juice drops with salt and apply the mixture on the yellowish teeth. This should be left for some minutes and then rinsed off. Repeat this about two times in a day to eliminate the tartar and the yellowish color on the teeth.


Salt has remained a fundamental dental cleansing ingredient over a long period of time. Salt can help in reviving the white color of your teeth in addition to replenishing all the lost minerals in the teeth. Instead of tooth paste, you can use salt when brushing your teeth every morning another option is a charcoal and salt mixture used in brushing teeth every morning. A mixture of salt and baking soda rubbed on the teeth is also an effective teeth whitening agent. Take care when using salt because when roughly used, you can damage the enamel and the gums.

These are just a few of the easy steps that are used in teeth whitening. You can use any effective method as long as it is safe for your oral health and has no known side effects.

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