How to look for oily skin?
How to care for oily skin?
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How to look for oily skin?

Oily skin is characterized by excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. To avoid the appearance of pimples and the skin does not shine too much, here is our advice to treat oily skin.

What are the characteristics of oily skin?

Peua fat Oily skin can be related to several factors: heredity, hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution, tobacco and climate change. It is characterized by a significant sebum production, called “seborrhea”. The skin is oily and shiny – especially around the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) – and it becomes the breeding ground for pimples, blackheads and all kinds of impurities that clog pores and suffocate the skin. Note: It  often associated with a greasy hair.

If acne partner, it is best to consult a dermatologist. If It  is accompanied by bouts of excessive hair, better to seek advice from a dermatologist because it can be a hormonal disorder (puberty, wrong dosage pill, pregnancy etc.). In some cases, drug or hormone treatment is required.

How to clean an oily skin?

It is recommended to clean the oily skin twice a day (morning and evening) with mild hygiene products such as syndets or surgras breads that are free of alcohol and soap (which increase the production of sebum). It is also possible to apply a special lotion “oily” or micellar water, which cleans and removes gently. Avoid: too much detergent products which attack the skin and that, contrary to what we think, tend to favor the production of sebum.

Should moisturize an oily skin?

Moisturize is essential, even when she is fat. However, choose a moisturizer with an ultra light texture; a mattifying cream, for example, absorbs excess sebum thanks to “blotting powder” and rebalancing in the longer term the skin with two essential components, copper and zinc.

Quid of scrubs?

It gets dirty faster than others, so it is essential to carry scrubs. However, too cleaner and too frequent cleaning promotes so-called rebound effect, that is to say an overproduction of sebum (the opposite of what is desired!). A scrub once a week is enough. In addition, it is necessary to make masks clay twice per month. The clay absorbs excess sebum and regulates its production.

How to make up an oily skin?

The use of makeup when you have oily skin is not against-indicated but you must choose the right products. Use a tinted cream or a very complexion covering background will worsen the situation by causing inflammatory attacks and fostering the emergence of all kinds of impurities such as blackheads. Better choose a light foundation or mineral foundation that absorbs excess oil in texture powder. A focus: products labeled “non-comedogenic”.

My oily skin in the sun

If the sun provides improved skin condition is only temporary. This often results in an increase of sebum production and buttons. To avoid this rebound effect, use suitable sun protection, non-comedogenic and mineral.

Oily skin and food

We often hear that a large supply of fatty  foods (meats, candy …) causes an increase sebum. Yet there is no proven link between these foods and oily skin. Anyway, a balanced and reasonable diet can only be beneficial to health.

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