How to lose weight calves?
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How to lose weight calves?

Here a set of advices  that will help you to lose weight on calves effectively in your daily  life.

Running to refine your calves

For purposes of pretty calf, avoid wearing too often too high heels!
To have nice calf, avoid wearing too often too thin and high heels!

If you have some fat on the calves, the idea is to relocate the fat by using physical activity. Warning: it is not all sports that refine the calf! Running is still one of the most effective sports diet calf: the idea is to strengthen your legs through regular short endurance. Feel free to devote three sessions of 30 minutes per week to work your legs for a long distance and preferably on flat ground.

To be effective, you should adopt a medium pace. You can also practice climbing, swimming or stretching. However, the race passed by the sprinters should be avoided because it contributes more to the development of calf. It is the same for the bike that favors large calf.

Watch your diet

Sometimes big calves are the result of poor diet. Indeed, if you tend to eat too much calorie foods like french fries or pastries, it is normal that you have body fat in the legs. Know that just for frits, a 100 gram serving gives you 408 kcal which 5 g protein, 52 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of fat To lose weight calves, remember to review your diet: choose fresh fruits, vegetables steamed and lean proteins. Also prefer fat dairy products instead of whole milk.

New habits

To slim calves, consider adopting new habits: If you tend to drink soft or too sugary drinks replace them with bottled water, to drink in large quantities. It is important that you drink enough to prevent water retention, which is often the cause swelling in the legs. Very often cellulite is localized in the legs, which gives you big calves: In addition to running exercises on foot or swimming, avoid tight clothes.

The heels should be avoided wherever possible because they seek many calves and make it more muscular. Prefer little heels and avoid often walking on tiptoe. Alternatively, you can also bet on small tricks to give the impression of having more tapered calves: Avoid short pants or long skirts up to half of the knees. Prefer to opt for the short or long clothing altogether. Remember also to highlight the advantages of your figure.

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