How to Make Dreadlocks
How to Make Dreadlocks
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How to Make Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks could be developed in a salon just like other hairstyles, but if you wish to save some dollars by doing following our ultimate guide.

Making dreadlocks requires a combination of right products, techniques, time and patience. Doing dreadlocks at home could be empowering for your creative self while saving you a decent amount of money which could be used in some other task. Our tips and tricks would avoid you unnecessary struggle and frustration encountered in the process of dreadlock making. Create your salon-like dreadlocks at home and take a stance to impress.

You would require just a few essential tools and products for creating your DIY dreadlocks.

Things you will need for dread-locking:

• A wide tooth comb
Dread wax
• Residue free shampoo
• A few rubber bands
• Some spare time

Making the dreadlocks on your own 

• Begin with freshly shampooed hair – Make sure that you have cleaner hair to start with;natural oil in hair could just complicate the process because of extra slip.

• Air-dry your tresses – You would want to make sure that your tresses are thoroughly dried before even beginning with the process. Dread hair is less prone to breakage and damage hence making it an easy experience for you.

• Create proper square sections – Starting from scalp make proper square sections of desired width, you would require a wide tooth comb for this procedure. The sections could be as thick as one by one-inch or as thin as half-inch, all depends on your personal preference and how thin/thick you want your dreads to be.

• Backcomb and twist – Take your desired section straight up from scalp and begin backcombing one inch at a time, use another hand to twist this section as you backcomb. You could take help from a friend while doing this step because rushing through this step could lead to uneven dreads.

• Secure created dreads – After completing the backcombing and twist process secure the dread with a rubber band. Also secure your dread at scalp by using another rubber band. Both these bands would make sure that your dread stays secure for a longer time.

• Use dread wax – You need to take a little dread wax and run through freshly created dreads, this would tighten dreads and eliminate possible frizz too. However the step is completely optional, you could also go au naturel with your dreads.

Things to avoid during dread making procedure 

• Avoid any kind of conditioner or oil usage just before starting with dread-locking.
• Do not pull or tug your hair too vigorously.
• Dreads shouldn’t be done on damaged, brittle or chemically treated sensitive hair.
• Rubber bands are only meant for sectioning they should be taken out after about three months when the dreads completely mature.

Tips on maintaining fresh dreadlocks

• Right from formation of dreadlocks you would need to use residue-free shampoo.
• To moisturize your dreads you could use a mix of water and oil and spray them on.
• Tucking and rolling method could be your ideal method while dealing with loose dreads.
• Blend the new hair growth coming from scalp into dreads by rubbing your roots with both hands.
• Keep your dreadlocks clean and oil-free by consistently using the residue-free shampoo.

No matter you have shoulder length hair or knee-length hair you could easily develop dreads with these simple steps.


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