How to reduce breast size naturally
how to reduce breast size naturally
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How to reduce breast size naturally

Titanium and blessed thistle have virtues that reduce breast size. Blackcurrant and raspberry would help control the swelling of the chest .

Breast reduction surgery is the solution chosen by many women who want to reduce the size of their bust. But this type of intervention is heavy, not completely safe and can be expensive. However, it does not cost (almost) nothing to first try one or another trick grandma, such a treatment based on titanium oxide and talc.

Ask your pharmacist to prepare a mixture according to the following formula: 1 gram of titanium oxide per 100 grams of talc. Before going to bed, you sprinkle abundantly chest with this mixture and wrap it with gauze strip before crossing the 8-shaped and leaving the nipples to air.

The gauze strip is alternately pass under then over the mammary gland, to fully support it and compress it. Then secure the gauze bandage with pins and keep it overnight. Fifteen days of this treatment would be sufficient to significantly decrease the volume of the breasts …

At the same time, prepare a blessed thistle tincture-based cream (carduus benedictus) and lavender oil. Add 40 grams of fat a transcutaneous excipient (eg Vaseline), 1 gram of blessed thistle tincture and 20 drops of lavender oil and mix the ingredients well. Morning and evening, make penetrate the cream thus obtained deep well in massaging the breasts.

Temporary swelling of the sometimes significant and painful breasts can occur during menstruation or menopause. These swellings are caused by excessive secretions of female sex hormone, follicle. A tea made from dried leaves of blackcurrant and raspberry can help regulate this unpleasant ovarian secretion.

Mix one tablespoon of dried leaves of blackcurrant and a tablespoon of dried raspberry leaves and boil a few minutes to get tea. Drink a large cup of this tea three times a day when the swelling breasts arise.

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