How To Treat Sunburn Naturally?
How To Treat Sunburn Naturally?
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How To Treat Sunburn Naturally?

Preventing sunburn is always better than curing it in the first instance. Regardless of whether it is warm or sunny outside, it is important to always wear an SPF 15 or higher.

Protecting your skin from the sun and its UV rays not only keep you from getting burnt, it minimises the risk of skin cancer and other diseases brought on by too much sun exposure.

If however, you have been burnt, there are some tips on how to treat your burns with these homemade remedies:

Keeping HydratedSunburn can be dehydrating for your body – counterbalance this by drinking a lot of water whilst you recover. To prevent your skin from drying, apply moisturiser immediately after your soak. For cooling relief of pain and dryness, chill the moisturiser in the refrigerator before using.
Use Baking soda or some oatmealAdd ½ cup of baking soda or some oatmeal to a bath. This will help to reduce the swelling and if there is any itching present, these ingredients may reduce it. Oatmeal added to cool bathwater offers another wonderful relief for sunburned skin. Fill up the bathtub with cool water–not cold water because that can send the body into shock.
Aloe Vera The thick, gel-like juice of the aloe vera plant can take the sting and redness out of sunburn. Apply five to six times per day for several days.
TomatoIf the burn is very recent (still red and not peeling), apply the juice of a tomato to your skin. Tomato juice is acidic but it doesn’t hurt and helps the redness. Note that eating tomatoes is probably more effective against being sunburnt than using them after the fact.
Cool cloth dampened with skimmed milkUse a cool cloth dampened with skim milk. Rest it on the burned spots. The coolness takes out the initial fire, and the milk creates a protein film that helps ease the ensuing discomfort.
Tea methodBrew 3 or 4 teabags in a pitcher of warm water. When the tea is almost black, remove the teabags and let the liquid cool to room temp.Gently dab at the sunburn with a cloth soaked in the tea. Apply as much as you’d like, but don’t wash it off. The more the better. If the burn is really bad, you can just dab at it with the teabags.

Try to do this at bedtime so it can do its thing overnight. Shower it off the next morning; you’ll see and feel a big difference.
Be careful with clothing, as tea liquid stains.

Apricot methodPeel and mash 3-4 apricots. Apply the mix on your burn and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.
CucumberTry applying thin slices (or a puree) of cold cucumbers directly to the affected area.
PotatoesTake two washed potatoes, cut them into small chunks, and place them in a blender or food processor. Blend or process until the potatoes are in liquid form. Add water if they look dry. Pat the burned areas with the pulverized potatoes. Wait until the potatoes dry, then take a cool shower.Another less messy method is to apply the mash to a clean gauze and place on the burn. Change the dressing every hour. Continue applying several times a day for a few days until the pain is relieved.
YogurtSpread yogurt on your burned skin to help cool and heal. Your best bet is to use full-fat, plain, unsweetened yogurt. Let the yogurt stay on the skin until it warms then rinse off.
Calendula ointmentCalendula ointment is considered by some to be especially good for severe burns with blistering – only apply a small amount.
Lavender essential oilLavender essential oils not only relieves sunburn, but they may also prevent peeling. Apply with a cotton pad neatly onto the effected area


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