how we can avoid being burn
Burn and how we can avoid it
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how we can avoid being burn

Jet of boiling water, hand slips on the iron, dish that comes out of the oven .Here is  4 reflexes  and  great burn  tips to know when you come to burn.

1 – were evaluated the degree of the burn depending on its depth and extent. It hurts the skin is red, but the affected area is less than half the palm of one hand and deep skin layers are not reached? This is a 1st degree burn. If there are blisters, a second degree burn. These two types of surface lesions are treatable at home. If it sounds more serious towards the doctor or an emergency room at the hospital.

2 – Cool the burn by running cool water (15 ° C) on the burned area for at least 15 minutes: it reduces the pain and stop the extension of the burn. Yes, because the burning agent (water, fire, steam) is always active even if we moved away from the heat source. Namely: Do not break the blisters are there because the blister is a bulwark against infection. If it breaks through, better disinfected with a non-pungent antiseptic and does not dry the skin (Gilbert Spray Chlorhexidine).

-On 3 protects the burn with a paraffin gauze loosely to relieve and avoid contact with any outside contaminants: tulle gras Jelonet (wax impregnated) or Vaselitulle (soaked in Vaseline). It can also cover it with a sterile gauze impregnated with a thick layer of anti-burns cream (Biafine Act or Flamigel) Caution! You must file the ointment on the pad and not directly on the skin of the tube (to avoid the risk of bacteria via the tube itself).

4 – Finally, the skin is healed with new hydrocolloid dressing impregnated with a wet gel to moisturize the tissues and accelerate their reconstruction. Scarring is 2 times faster in hot and humid conditions if the wound is left to the air (burns dressings Urgo).

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