Hyaluronic acid fill your wrinkles
Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid
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Hyaluronic acid fill your wrinkles

Your wrinkles undermine your spirits? You only have to choose from : Botox, hyaluronic acid ,collagen, temporary or permanent implants … How to choose the right technique in this jungle of wrinkle solutions?

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, it relaxes and collapses causing the appearance worst enemy of all young forties: the wrinkle. A groove, a depression, a depression that course our face. To clear – in the jargon we say plump – there is no magic formula  : you must fill this ride that you can not see. That is injected  by hyaluronic acid under the skin with a product that creates volume and softens the unsightly crease.

The choice of Dr. Bousquet: hyaluronic acid. Behind this a little strange name hides a product naturally produced by the body which serves to fill the spaces in the connective tissue. This glassy and transparent gel can transport nutrients from the blood to the skin cells. To the delight of fans of eternal youth, it is also the product of choice to fill the trenches dug by the years.

You have decided to take action? Make an appointment with your cosmetic physician for a diagnosis. At this first meeting the practitioner will examine you to determine the number of injections you need and offer you a quote.

The law requires you to sign a consent specifying the purpose and outcome of surgery, and the risks and potential complications. After a 15-day cooling-off period, you can receive your first hyaluronic acid injection.

“The session lasts about 45 minutes, says Dr. Bousquet. The injection itself is painful and often requires the application of an anesthetic cream “. But the side effects are very light: soon reached the door of the doctor’s office, you can resume your daily routine with at best a mild local inflammatory reaction which will disappear within 48 hours. “I even have patients who come to do their injections at the lunch break and leave the afternoon at the office, said the doctor. But I still recommend them to come just before a romantic dinner, even if only to avoid a fixation on these unsightly redness. ”

Some safety precautions anyway: avoid aspirin, vitamins A and C and veinotonic. These products thin the blood and increase the risk of edema. Make overlook tanning or UV to avoid irritating the skin already sensitized by the intervention.

Reshape the face with hyaluronic acid

Your cheeks seem too hollow? Your sunken cheekbones? Your chin dimple you tired? Hyaluronic acid also helps to reshape your face. “These are much more dense products composed of much larger molecules explains Dr. Grove. They are used to perform what doctors call the volumetric filling of the face. ” This technique allows to rework the entire volume of the face, “but the size of molecules does not allow to inject these hyaluronic acid with a normal syringe” warns the doctor. We must therefore make slight incisions in the skin. And who says scalpel said local anesthesia and post-operative redness. In practice only in a safe place!

A lasting result

If wrinkles are light, a single injection is sufficient to fill them. “For deeper grooves or many wrinkles, have at least two injections to reach an optimal and sustainable results,” advises Dr. Bousquet. An effect that lasts? “At least 9 months and sometimes up to a year with the latest generations of hyaluronic acid which are much more stable. But much depends on the nature of your skin. ”


Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid

How old for your baptism of hyaluronic acid? “La- also all depends on the nature of your skin. “Some wrinkles like the nasolabial fold, coming down from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth, may occur very early. “My younger patients come from 30 years with even slightly marked wrinkles. We can do prevention at that time: it treats wrinkles before they are actually installed. “Says Marie-Thérèse Bousquet.

Hyaluronic acid does not treat all wrinkles. It is ideal to fill the “frown lines”, vertical bars appear between the eyebrows and the nasolabial folds. But “it is best not to use it on light wrinkles such as crow’s feet of why we prefer the peel or laser.”

Price aside, count about 400 euros per year to treat a single wrinkle. For several very marked wrinkles are planning an annual budget of around 1000 euros for the treatment and maintenance.

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