Increase breast size naturally
How to increase breast size naturally
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Increase breast size naturally

Before turning to drastic measures and to use breast implants, why not try an old recipe from grandma basic grant shepherd?

Combined with simple gymnastic drills, dye-based preparation of this very common plant that grows everywhere, even between the stones of the sidewalks of our cities, stimulate the development of mammary glands … Mix 50 drops of tincture’s purse Shepherd (capsella bursa pastoris) and half a liter of mineral water Evian type, Contrex and Vittel previously warmed.

Then,shake the mixture for dyeing is fully dissolved. Soak two large pieces of cotton wool, lie down and apply these compresses on your breasts 30 minutes holding firmly with your hands. Repeat this treatment morning and night for at least 20 days and beyond, until you are satisfied with the result. However, interrupt treatment during menstruation.

By combining this treatment purse pastor morning and evening with small easy gymnastic exercises, you should be able to increase its effectiveness.

Standing topless, stretch both arms straight in front of you, palms down. Then spread your arms horizontally as much as possible, until you feel slight pain in the shoulder blades.

Bring arms forward. Repeat this workout  twenty times. Then, still standing, arms still outstretched in front of you, raise your left arm vertically until it is parallel to your body. Lower it and make the same gesture with his right arm. Repeat this exercise 20 in order to increase your breast size naturally without doing any surgery.

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