Intrauterine device
Intrauterine device:The advantages and disadvantages of IUD

Intrauterine device

An intrauterine device or “IUD” is a contraceptive inserted into the uterus by a healthcare professional. The intrauterine device is commonly called “IUD”.

Classic intrauterine device, hormonal intrauterine device: all your questions answered.

Classical IUD

This small T-shaped device is the most used form of contraception in France after pill. Placed within the uterus, it can be protected for 3 to 5 years.

For whom ?
The IUD, or intrauterine device (IUD) is no longer recommended for young women who have not had children. But more often, it is after several years of pill and after having their children that women choose the intrauterine device.

How it works ?
Its action is twofold: the intrauterine device acts like a foreign body, causing inflammation of the uterine lining, which prevents the egg from implanting in the uterus. And copper which it is covered is toxic to sperm.

How we put it?
This is of course the doctor who puts it at the office, during a consultation. The gesture is not painful and lasts a few minutes. But if you’re anxious, you can take a sedative before. The ideal time is just after the rules because the installation is easier and spotting it causes will merge with the rules. This also makes sure that you are not pregnant, the doctor will check that before anyway.
After, there must be a small sanitary napkin because it often bleeds just a few hours. One can also have a stomach ache but some paracetamol and it passes very quickly.
Then just have it checked every year during your gynecological consultation surveillance. After 5 years, it is possible to remove the IUD and to put a new one in the same visit.

It takes more hormones, which is still good for health, there is no need to think about her pill every day, and it is quiet for 5 years.
Contraception is effective from the establishment, and upon withdrawal, you find your previous fertility.
Wearing an intrauterine device often causes heavier periods, sometimes more painful. It may also cause pain at the time of ovulation. If you notice something unusual, ask your doctor.

The hormonal IUD

Beside conventional intrauterine devices surrounded by a copper wire, there is a coil which continuously broadcasts a hormone derived from progesterone.

For whom ?
It is proposed to women who have very heavy periods with classical IUD and who resent the (fatigue, anemia …). He is best posed after 35 years, when we had children. The intrauterine device is not recommended for younger because her pose is a little more difficult because of the size of the inserter, larger than that of the conventional intrauterine device.

How it works ?
T-shaped, like conventional models, intrauterine device (Mirena) has a small reservoir which broadcasts locally in the uterus, low doses of progestin, levonorgestrel. Result: the lining of the uterus is altered, making it unsuitable for implantation and cervical mucus (the cervix) is thickened, hindering the movement of the sperm. The contraceptive efficacy is good.

How we put it?
The hormonal intrauterine device arises in minutes, the doctor’s office or gynecologist, without anesthesia. The gesture is not painful. It is best to make an appointment at the end of rules because the pose is easier (the cervix is ​​slightly open). Allow also a small sanitary napkin because it often bleeds a little for a few hours.

Then just have it checked every year during your gynecological consultation surveillance.

The rules are significantly reduced, sometimes almost nonexistent after a few months.
As with other intrauterine devices, birth control is effective from the establishment, you are alone for 5 years and you will be fertile again upon removal. Its installation is possible when breastfeeding.

Small bleeding between periods are quite common at first. They usually disappear after a few months. Irregular periods or on the contrary more rules at all, are possible. Otherwise, there are few side effects, but if you notice anything unusual, consult your doctor.



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