IUD for teenagers would be better
IUD:The best method of contraception for teenagers would IUD

IUD for teenagers would be better

 The intrauterine device would be the best method of contraception to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies among young girls

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended the intrauterine device as the best form of birth control to adolescents than other periodic abstinence. The recommendations published in the professional journal Pediatrics extolling the virtues of a contraceptive method used by some teenagers yet effective.

Many young girls still think that the IUD is for women who have had children. The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to fight this idea received and recommend to advise pediatricians to teen looking for a method of contraception, “in order of decreasing effectiveness, contraceptive implants, intrauterine devices and finally oral contraceptives “.

Doctors point out that oral contraception is the least effective option in adolescents because many fail to properly use them and forget to take it every day. They emphasize the United States about 18% of girls who use the male condom as a contraceptive method

undergo an unwanted pregnancy to 0, 8% of girls who have an IUD.

In France, the IUD is increasingly prescribed

In France, the National Prevention and Health Education Institute (INPE) has launched a website that allows everyone to choose the most effective birth control and who will be best suited to their situation. The copper IUD (that is to say the non-impregnated progestin IUD) is there in good position behind the implant and the hormonal IUD.

Recall that last year, the largest increase contraceptive prescriptions concerning Intrauterine devices copper, whose sales rose 47%. “50% greater increase was even observed in women aged 20-39 years,” announced the National Security Agency drug (MSNA).

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