Jacobson method
Jacobson method

Jacobson method

Jacobson method is based on a principle that there is a relationship between the emotions and the degree of muscle tension.

Whatever the starting point of the disorder, it affects muscle tension to achieve mental relaxation.


All the symptoms that require relaxation. This is the case of anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, consequences of stress, but also psychosomatic diseases.

All muscle disorders that disrupt a normally automatic function, such as speech. This is why it is used in stuttering. It is also used to fight against certain back or neck pain in particular.

Like any method of relaxation, it can be a useful adjunct in psychotherapy for the treatment of neurosis or depression.

How is session?

The basic principle is to work on muscle relaxation, always starting from a good position. Then carried out an intense muscle contraction, followed by sudden relaxation, focusing on the sensations in every phase.

The session lasts half an hour. You can achieve alone every day, and once a week with the therapist.

This requires a progressive training, which lasts from several weeks to several months.

The exercises are held at 6 levels: the relaxation of the arms, legs, breathing, forehead, eyes, throat.

The first step is to study muscle tone. We contract a muscle focusing on this contraction is then released by trying to focus on this release. Thus we learn to individualize each muscle.

The second step examines relaxation: for each muscle was learned to individualize, we will carry out a specific relaxation while other muscles remain in tension.

The third step that can only be reached when the previous two were well controlled, is to be aware of the muscles involved in everyday life. So for stuttering, we learn to control the muscles of the throat and tongue involved in speech. This is the psychic relaxation phase.

To master this technique, it takes on repeat sessions in rapid succession (3 times weekly) at half an hour per session.

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