Jennifer Aniston: her secret of fitness!
Jennifer Aniston: her secret of fitness!

Jennifer Aniston: her secret of fitness!

Being perfect as 41 years, but how does it do? That is the question facing many very envious women. But the secret of Jennifer Aniston has now been unveiled.

It is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. His amorous conquests are supermodels or famous actors and do not forget his marriage to Brad Pitt, the sexiest man on the planet and who defeated the ladies. In many rankings of the most beautiful women in the world, the Californian actress Greek father and an Italian mother always appears in the top 10. Thanks to her role of Rachel in the hit series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston became a star. Even now, years later, we remain speechless when you see scroll in a miniskirt to 41 years on the red carpet: a perfect body.

Like many of his actors and actresses colleagues (such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox Arquette or Jake Gyllenhaal and also Madonna) Jennifer Aniston is coached by Tracy Anderson, it even became a celebrity in the world of fitness (the clip on YouTube clicked several million times).

The idea comes from elsewhere mixer Tracy Anderson. In his new role in the comedy “Just Go With It” (to be released in theaters in February 2011) Jennifer Aniston had to lose some weight. Tracy Anderson then it would simply advised to mix his meals. The idea is to divide the mixture into 14 portions that must then eat at regular intervals throughout the day. In the evening he is even allowed to eat a normal meal. Thus Jennifer Aniston reportedly lost in a time lapse short three kilos.

This seems like very simple dietary guidline but apparently the effects were positive for the actress. It goes without saying that Jennifer Aniston has certainly not mix chocolate bars, ice cream, sausage Frankfurt or chips! The concept of Tracy Anderson called “Clean Eating” must be followed to the letter. Food should be natural and be mixed without fat, salt and spices. Purees are mainly fruit and vegetables. The evening meal consists of vegetables steamed and lean meats. Oat cream mixed with pears would reduce sweet cravings. This does not give the impression of being very appetizing but what we would not do to look like Jennifer Aniston?

The catch in this story, and Jennifer Aniston confirms, is that this regime should not be done for a long time. This is a method to lose some weight in a short time. It is imperative after this period of return to a balanced diet.

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