Jerusalem artichoke, a forgotten vegetable
Jerusalem artichoke, a forgotten vegetable

Jerusalem artichoke, a forgotten vegetable

Jerusalem artichokes, also known as truffles, stimulate digestion and are consumable by people with diabetes and those who are prone to food allergies. It can be eaten both raw and cooked.

It is enjoyed by steaming, mashed, gratin, velvety or ratatouille. Learn more about Jerusalem artichoke!

The friend of diabetics

Topinamour helps the sugar process ingested during meals and can help stabilize blood glucose. The Jerusalem artichoke has a very low glycemic index and is therefore often recommended for diabetics

Yeast Infections, Candida

Jerusalem artichoke is an excellent detoxifier, it boosts not only digestion but contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body. Due to its high content of inulin it fights against fungal infections like Candida albican that disrupts the vaginal ecosystem. During a detox cure it enhances the effectiveness of beneficial processes for the body.

Heart Health

Jerusalem artichokes are recommended for cardiovascular problems. It reduces blood pressure and increases the rate of good HDL cholesterol. Thus it preserves our arteries and limits the risk of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Natural remedy for constipation

Jerusalem artichokes contain a lot of digestive potassium. Its active substances stimulate the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria and limit the multiplication of pests for health. It contains dietary fiber and minerals that promote the proper functioning of the metabolism and relieve constipation.

Food allergy

If our child has food allergy, the inulin present in Jerusalem artichokes can help fight his allergy. Eating a half raw Jerusalem artichoke every day can help restore the balance of the intestinal flora and get rid of allergens.

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