Jogging is not always good for health

Jogging is not always good for health

Those who practice jogging  intensively have the same mortality rate than people who never jogging .

Playing sports, yes, but not too much! This could be the conclusion of this article appeared in the Journal of The American College of Cardiology, which reported that jogging intensively would be as bad for health as not to run at all ….

“Practicing regular workout routine is a guarantee of better health and increased life expectancy. But the ideal exercise dose to improve longevity is uncertain, “the authors explain.

In this study, researchers followed over a period of 12 healthy participants, belonging to the Copenhagen City Heart Study 1098 practicing jogging participants were compared to 413 sedentary participants identified as not practicing jogging. The researchers asked participants how often they practiced jogging, for how long and at what pace. They also collected information on participants’ health. The purpose of the study was to investigate the association between “dose” of jogging and all-cause mortality in the long term.

Participants were classified into three groups (light runner, moderate, heavy) according to their “dose” jogging determined from the race pace (slow, medium or fast), duration (less than 2.5 hours per week, between 2.5 and 4 hours per week and more than 4 hours per week) and frequency (no more than 3 times per week or more than 3 times per week).

The results show that, compared to those who did not practice at all jogging, running from 1 to 2.4 hours per week is associated with lower mortality. Considering, rhythm, duration and frequency, the “light” runners have the lowest mortality. Moderate runners have a higher mortality but still lower than the sedentary. The mortality rate of riders placed in the intensive group was not significantly different from that of sedentary. The ideal pace to run is slow or moderate, it is best not to practice jogging more than 3 times a week or 2:30 in total.

“You do not need to practice a lot to have a positive impact on your health. And maybe you should not even do too much, “said Jacob Louis Marott author of the study. “No recommendations worldwide mentions an upper limit for the practice of workout routine  safely. Perhaps there are one. ”

The researchers point out that this is a small study and the intensive group joggers only count 36 participants including 2 deaths. The results should be interpreted with caution.

However, previous studies support the results of the Danish study. A study on mice shows that exercise heart rate at night. Other work has mounted the long-term intensive exercise endurance could damage the heart.

It is therefore not necessary to run to the death to keep his heart healthy and extend life expectancy, on the contrary.

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