Jojoba oil is a healthy ally
Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil
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Jojoba oil is a healthy ally

Jojoba oil   has a high affinity with the skin and scalp, is appreciated for its fluidity and its cosmetic. Jojoba oil therefore has a place in many skincare products or makeup. Discover all its benefits.

Jojoba oil it is called, but it is actually a liquid wax, obtained by pressing the seeds of a shrub deserts of Arizona, California and South America. Rich in active principles, it was first used as an excipient in cosmetic formulations due to its fluidity and its non-greasy feel. In particular, it replaced spermaceti, when the sperm whaling was banned.

“Very effective, easily assimilated and well tolerated, it does not contain the same fatty acids than conventional oil,” says Fabienne Millet, pharmacist and specialist in herbal medicine. This is a stable formula that does not oxidize and protects against free radicals. Nourishing and moisturizing, it reinforces the fat from the skin and hair, with a beneficial effect on oily skin. She is also known for its anti-aging action, smoothing and plumping.

Creamy and protective

It is also used to give smoothness to foundations and body with sticks of lipstick, which she used both of texture and care agent. “In the mascara, jojoba wax coats the eyelashes, thereby gaining volume, and also promotes growth. In addition, it reverses the drying effect due to certain ingredients, “says Fabienne Millet.

A natural anti-aging

At the level of the skin, jojoba oil maintains proper hydration and dehydration made dam, one of the prime factors of aging. She brings indeed essential lipids to maintain a good film hydrolipidic. It also protects the moisturizing factors (NMF), these small sponges that retain water in the epidermis. “In the dermis, its anti-inflammatory action limit attacks on the fibers of collagen and elastin while stimulating their synthesis. It also reinforces the “cement” between the cells, which has the effect of re-densify the skin tissue and remove wrinkles, “says Fabienne Millet. Antioxidant, jojoba wax also strengthens the defenses of the cells facing the free radicals. Healing, it aids skin repair with an effect on stretch marks and diaper rash (redness) babies. Very soft, it can be used by all without risk of allergic reaction.

An ally of oily skin
This is one of the few vegetable products to have a recognized activity séborégulatrice. The structure of jojoba oil, very close to that of sebum, gives it a perfect affinity with the skin and hair. Thanks to this, it mixes easily with these fatty secretions, it thins, thus facilitating their elimination. Which limits the development of bacteria, so the risk of buttons. To strengthen its action on oily skin, you can mix it with a purifying essential oil, geranium kind, tea tree, lavender, with which it is very efficient. Another virtue of jojoba oil, its antifungal activity: it limits the proliferation of fungi .

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