Kickboxing is the most dangerous sport

Kickboxing is the most dangerous sport

Athletes who practice kickboxing would more likely than others to be injured at the gym.

A definition:

Kickboxings is a combat sport that emerged in the 1960s in Britain. Near the French savate (and karate), it combines kicks and punches, provided in a punching ball. In France, many gyms offer kickboxing classes, both men and women.

Except that according to a recent study by the Central Queensland University (Australia), kickboxing would be the most dangerous sport of all: people who practice this discipline have more risk than others of getting hurt. “In kickboxing, it receives an average of 40 injuries every 1000 minutes per person, 2.5 injuries per hour,” says Reidar Lystad, lead author of this work published in the journal Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine.

The head and the shins are vulnerable

For comparison, in judo, taekwondo and boxing French, this rate is “only” injury per hour … To get this data, researchers tracked 481 top athletes, over a period s extends from 2000-2014.

In kickboxings, the most common injuries are cuts (71%) and scratches (due to friction – 21% of recorded cases). The most vulnerable areas are the head and legs (shins, in particular). However, this study does not specify the severity of injuries, and the results could be biased because these works relate only top athletes.

“Our findings do not aim to criticize or discredit kickboxing, say the scientists. Nevertheless, we hope they can lead some athletes to take more precautions, particularly in terms of their equipment. “It adds that kickboxings, cardio sports  with  excellence, is perfect for all those who want to lose weight!

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