Kiss is not predominantly practiced in the world
The kiss is not predominantly practiced in the world

Kiss is not predominantly practiced in the world

Kiss is not a common practice in the world, according to results of a study published in the medical journal American Anthropologist.

The languorous kisses, passionate and fusional not part of the majority of love customs in the world.

Indiana University’s researchers (USA) wanted to verify the information that 90% of lovers kissing on the mouth. They analyzed and observed 168 different cultures.

“We hypothesized that some cultures are not engaged in romantic kiss [or] sexual, or they thought it was a strange display of privacy, and we were surprised to find that it was the case in a majority of cultures, “says Justin Garcia of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

The findings of their investigation revealed that only 46% of the 168 crops studied expressed their feelings through kissing on the mouth leaning short. In detail, the study reveals that kissing is practiced in the Middle East, however, this practice was absent crops surveyed in Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa, New Guinea and the Amazon region. Only 55% of North American cultures declare the normal kiss, against 70% in Europe and 73% in Asia. “This reminds us how much our Western ethnocentrism can influence how we view human behavior,” said Professor Garcia.

The kiss love a good deed for your health

Chaste, supported, fiery or passionate the kiss is not just a sign of affection, desire or affection. It would also have virtues for our c, our wellbeing and our life together.

With language, the famous french kiss protect infections. This kiss pressed for 10 seconds transmits 80 million bacteria. A benefit for the immune system. But it must be involved because this observation is of course valid only kissing with tongue! During that lovers kiss, the brain as your body goes into a boil and releases a number of hormones. Thanks to endorphins (hormone secreted by the hypothalamus during orgasm or sport), you experience fun. But that’s not all, this tender moment also helps to lower the level of cortisol, the stress hormone and make them happy by releasing serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, the hormone love and attachment.

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