Konjac Sponge : what is it?
Konjac Sponge: what is it?
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Konjac Sponge : what is it?


The konjac sponge is  a natural alternative to skin clean. Also,Its is   a new way to clean her face natural.

We know the slimming virtues of Konjac sponge root. In this fall 2014 is discovered in a new face: that of a super tool for cleaning the skin of our face, deep … but smoothly.

Again, this use of konjac comes from Asia, including Japan where it is used every day to clean sensitive skin and wash the children.

The cleaning sponge is 100% natural, 100% made from natural fiber from the konjac root.

Konjac Sponge, how it is used?

It is an alternative to cotton disks, too rough when you have the sensitive and fragile skin. As a conventional sponge, must moisten it with warm water before placing a knob of his makeup remover or cleanser classic (milk, lotion, foam or gel).

The konjac  is used the morning before makeup to clean and freshen the face or in the evening to remove makeup.

The big plus: it is suitable for all skin types, even those with eczema or psoriasis.

Konjac Sponge, how it is maintained?

After each use, we take care to rinse the sponge with hot water konjac. And made him take a bath (in boiling water) once a week, to kill all the microbes. The life of a konjac sponge used daily, not exceeding three months.

Price:It is found in most major cosmetic brands around € 6.


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