Lactation react against congestion

Lactation react against congestion

Congestion is reacted by Lactation
Breast congestion is normal and will appear in the first days of breastfeeding or during a period without feeding. .

React against congestion The breasts are heavy, they can become painful and hard. The nipple retracts. You feel a sense of overflow of milk without it sinks. Do not panic, it is “clogging”. All women are not equal facing this disorder.

The causes of congestion

Congestion often occurs during the transition from colostrum product at birth and the milk itself. The period between the 2nd and 4th day after childbirth is the most sensitive. It is not too full of milk but a “swelling” around the mammary gland.
At the origin of this phenomenon, blood serum accumulation is noted around producing cells of the mammary gland when climbing milk – causing congestion without producing a surplus of milk. The areola is so stretched by swelling the baby not able to suckle.

Prevent overcrowding

The flow of milk will be no problem as long as the baby feeds regularly since birth. To avoid congestion, give both breasts at each feeding and breastfeeding whenever possible. If your baby is not getting enough breast often, you can pump your milk punctually.
Also try to be relaxed and rested when you are breastfeeding. Finally, preferably wear a bra that does not compress your breasts, it will avoid circulatory problems and a poor distribution of milk in the mammary gland.

What to do against waterlogging?

Should this happen, the best stimulation is simply to nurse. Do not decrease the frequency and duration of breastfeeding and bottle feeding does not give at this time! For ease of breastfeeding, try the position of the wolf, position yourself above your baby lying on his back.
Breastfeeding will trigger the exhaust stream and get the system running. To relax the breast before breastfeeding, you can apply heat, thanks to a hot shower or a hot towel. This heat will accelerate the blood circulation and relieve the breast. To relieve engorgement, we can also help a gentle massage of the breast. Between feedings, you can use the cold to relieve pain, apply such a washcloth filled with ice.

In most cases, the feeling of fullness is improving after 24 hours and disappears after 48 h and milk production naturally fit the needs of your baby. In all cases, rest is recommended and if this situation continues, talk to your doctor so that this can not be complicated by a mastitis infection type.

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