Laryngitis: what is it ?

Laryngitis: what is it ?

Laryngitis: what is it ?
Responsible for a dry cough and a sore throat, laryngitis is usually mild in children but can sometimes require emergency treatment.

Keys to understand

First distinguish laryngitis, inflammation of the larynx, throat, inflammation of the throat behind. Located in the neck, the larynx is a small duct that extends the trachea and emerges in the rear groove. It contains two vocal cords, cartilage (the Adam’s apple) and epiglottis, kind of cover that folds during digestion.

Due to laryngitis usually a virus, laryngitis is manifested by hoarseness or loss of voice, dry cough, sore throat and mild fever. It spontaneously disappears in less than a week and can be associated with bacteria infection such as angina or bronchitis. If cough called “barking”, breathing is difficult or in the presence of other suspicious signs, it may hide a more serious condition or existence of a foreign body requiring an urgent response.

To behave

Before an ordinary cough and a fever below 38 ° C, you can give your child a warm milk or lemon juice with honey or another hot drink. Beware of syrups against cough, without a prescription. Their action is not always demonstrated, their side effects are numerous and sometimes difficult to determine indications (some contradictory containing active ingredients, both against dry cough and cough).

Regularly monitor the temperature and cough your child. In case of high fever and other signs of severity, please consult your doctor. To quickly reduce inflammation, it may need to quickly administer corticosteroids. In front of a bacterial infection (pharyngitis, bronchitis), he will prescribe antibiotics.

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