Libido will be affected by global warming

Libido will be affected by global warming

With the approach of the climate conference, a US study points to an unexpected side effect of rising temperatures: it could threat our libido.

Before the opening of the UN Climate Conference (COP 21) to be held from 30 November to 11 December, US researchers are sounding the alarm about potential consequential danger to global warming. It is not about worrying about melting glaciers or air pollution but our sex life. Dixit economists Tulane Universities of California-Santa Barbara and Central Florida, the United States, the frequency of our sex would be greatly affected by rising temperatures, it will thread our libido.

They explain in a report from the National Research Bureau that nine months after a particularly hot day, the birth rate would tend to collapse, it would decrease by 0.7% compared to a “cold” day. Researchers emit several assumptions with this situation: either we cut the heat libido and a fortiori our sexual appetite is too high temperatures inhibit fertility. Both theories plausible and could be complementary.

To conclude, Global warming is a dangerous threat to   sexual life, our libido,and sexual desire.So,we have to be aware of this fact to do any alternative procedures to get our orgasm.

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