Lose fat or lose weight
Lose fat or lose weight

Lose fat or lose weight

The concept of diet or trying to lose weight is pretty universal throughout the world, but lose fat is much important.

However, the interpretation varies enormously from one country to another or even from one person to another. The greatest contradiction is probably that the concept of losing weight or losing fat.

In France, we tend to associate thinness with weight loss, while the other side of the Atlantic, American consumers care more about losing fat.

Lose fat or lose weight

Lose weight, what does that mean?

Most of us use a scale to determine how much we weigh, obviously, but that the balance does not tell us is the proportion of our total weight is made of water, fat and muscle.

The scale is a good indicator to warn us: it is a pleasant vision when the figure is lower than the previous time.

It is quite common that the same weight varies between morning, afternoon and evening. The most likely reason for this variation is due to the retention of water or removal of water.

Weight loss should be considered as something temporary. Slimming products that claim to have rapid effects are more familiar with this concept.

A large majority of these fast-acting diet pills is the most effective weight loss pills that  contain a form of diuretic: a substance that can remove water from your system.

For the uninitiated, a simple weighing session before / after suggesting that the diet pill works fast effect: when your body rehydrates, you soon discover that the weight comes back soon!

The diet pills are the best weight loss pills for women  and quick wins and a decoy, you only lose water! After drinking one glass of water, all the lost weight comes back just as quickly.

The diet pills that claim to be”Pills rapid weight loss” or “pills rapid effects” or “extreme weight loss pills” are relatively useless.

Lose fat, what does that mean?

Fat loss is a term Americanized but still okay.

Your main objective should be to eliminate body fat, or at least convert excess body fat into muscle.

How to eliminate excess body fat?
There is one thing on which all the doctors around the world agree: to lose fat, just eat less calories.

The basic theory to lose your kilos is relatively simple. What is difficult is to get to eat fewer calories with all the temptations around us.

The way to get to eat fewer calories is your choice. In reality, most diet plans and slimming programs work is the lack of will of the person who leads mostly to failure.

If losing weight (fat) was easy, there would not be an industry valued at billions that grows year by year.

An easy way to cut calories is to eat less.

Just a few years a television crew went to visit a tribe of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa that limits their appetite by eating the flesh of a plant resembling a cactus called Hoodia Gordonii during their long hunting trips .

We can say that this tribe uses a natural appetite suppressant product for millennia, no side effects other than the reduction of hunger!

Since the Western world discovered the Hoodia Gordonii, tens of thousands of French people use this plant to decrease their appetite and lose weight.

The best product in the world Hoodia Gordonii Hoodia is Unique. This is not out of our imagination, Unique Hoodia really scientific evidence to prove it!



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