Lose weight by following a diet

Lose weight by following a diet

Dieting two weeks per month is the solution to lose weight?
Dieting two weeks per month is the solution to lose weight
A diet alternating two weeks of diet and two weeks of weight maintenance would be more effective than a diet that make you lose weight in a perfect way.

Why miss all year if we can go on a diet half the time with better results? This is the question raised by these new findings that an Australian team has presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Kuala Lumpur in March 2014: according to a small study of 36 obese men, a diet alternating two-week diet and two weeks of  lose weight  diet is more effective than continuous.

The reason: this would avoid a slower metabolism is more important in a diet continuously to lose weight  effectively.

Many food models referred slimming have been positive studies: Weight Watchers, Atkins New Diet (“low carb“), New GI Diet, low-calorie diets

In this study, 36 obese men who were trying to lose weight were separated into two groups: 18 volunteers followed a low calorie diet (30% calories less) continuously for 16 weeks, while 18 others alternated two weeks of diet, two weeks without dieting, 2 weeks of diet, etc., for 30 weeks. In this second group, so men also followed the diet for 16 weeks, as the first group, but episodically.


Men who have alternated periods with and without diet lost more weight and body fat than those who followed a diet continuously; the former lost an average of a dozen kilos, or 55% more than the latter. This was not due to periods without dieting interspersed between diet periods, as the men lost very little weight on these weeks.

For Nuala Byrne (University of Queensland, Brisbane), the researcher who presented the results, we must look for the reason in the metabolism of the body: in fact, when the regime lasts a long time, the body adjusts by placing into “survival mode” and saving energy. However, when alternate weeks without dieting and diet, basal metabolism, that is to say the amount of energy expended by the body in slow motion, decreases less. In a continuous system, the body is compensation mechanisms, it reduces its basic metabolism and weight loss is slowed or completely shutdown.

This “alternate” program also would track longer binding regimes.

Other practices and other variants have been tested as part of dieting in order to lose weight in a perfect way.

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