Lose weight through hormones
Lose weight through hormones

Lose weight through hormones

Women and men are different concerning lose weight through hormones, especially when it comes to the silhouette. 

Men will build bulges in the midsection but with a little courage, they are able to quickly find their line while women will fight desperately with their cellulite in the buttocks and thighs. For those who have already tried many diets with no real success, hormones formula are perhaps the last chance.

There are already two years, a study by the University of Minnesota showed that weight gain in women can achieved by hormones. Detlef Pape Doctor, doctor and famous for his regime “lose weight while sleeping” was based on this data and developed with colleagues a plan for women based on the balance of the biological rhythm.

Instead of counting calories or perform a hard fitness program, the phase of sleep and wakefulness are at the heart of the discussion. These phases are definitely influenced by stress hormones, sex hormones and those acting on metabolism.

Because female hormones, fats are distributed differently and are not based in the same way as men. Every woman is physically different. According to Dr. Detlef Pape, there are several types. The physical characteristics that depend on the fat distribution help differentiate the hormone-like.

Women with wide hips, heavy thighs and buttocks have a dominance of estrogen in the body and those thin hips and belly tend to have have a testosterone dominance.

This diet based on hormones aims to consider hormonal dominance in women and thus their silhouettes. Therefore the plan is individualized.

The idea of ​​the concept of hormonal formula is to act on three areas, knowing the composition of meals, fitness training and health behavior strongly influence hormones affecting metabolism. Through targeted food, fitness and relaxation women can, according to Dr. Detlef Pape, get their dream body. Dietitian, as also for its famous diet “Lose weight by sleeping” favors dissociated diet menu which is composed according to the hormonal dominance of the person. The plan is accompanied by a program of yoga and cardio training.

All those who want to lose weight with hormones formula, should, however, like all other diets, exercise discipline. It was only a long-term change in diet and a healthy lifestyle can pay off.


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