Lose weight thanks to diet
lose weight
lose weight

Lose weight thanks to diet

You lose weight by eating more light at night, as part of a low calorie diet.

A study by Israeli researchers on obese women (BMI 32), also suffering from metabolic syndrome, suggests that it is better to eat more in the morning than at night when following a diet low in calories to lose weight.

The study is published in Obesity.

The women participated in a randomized 12-week study to evaluate the effects of a diet low in calories (1400 kcal / day), as a significant portion of those calories consumed in the morning or evening. A portion of women with 700 kcal consumed at breakfast, at lunch 500 kcal and 200 kcal at dinner, while the other party took 200 kcal for breakfast, lunch and 500 kcal 700 kcal night.


the group “more calories in the morning” has lost more weight and waist size than the other group. Note that the triglycerides in the “morning” group decreased by 33.6%, while they increased by 14.6% in the other group. Glucose tolerance was also improved in the first group. After test meals, total blood glucose, insulin and total hunger scores were lower in the “morning” group, while the satiety scores were higher.

This study suggests that it is best for obese people suffering from metabolic syndrome, consuming most of the calories of dieting in the first part of the day.

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