Lymphatic system
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Lymphatic system

A lack of physical activity can cause a slowing of the lymphatic circulation and drainage of metabolic waste. The result: heavy legs, edema and cellulite.

We have a second circulatory system different from that of the blood circulation: the lymphatic system. Its role: to allow our bodies to evacuate toxins and other metabolic wastes. Lymph, a thick white liquid, circulating in the channels of the lymphatic system from the bottom of the body upwards.

Our organization does not have an equivalent to the heart pump to propel the lymph, which must fight against gravity to be moving to the top of the clavicle where it joins the bloodstream. Lymphatic channels are equipped with valves that prevent the lymph back down as and when it progresses.

These are physical movements such as walking in particular which enable the channels to contract to cause the lymph upwards. Conclusion ? If we do not move enough lymphatic drainage does not work properly.

Lymph stagnates in the lower body, causing heavy legs and edema of the ankles. As waste is not eliminated, they become embedded in the tissue, creating cellulite clusters. Other factors may have a negative impact on the lymphatic circulation, particularly poor nuttrition  and stress.

Among the best treatments include lymphatics drainage. Lymphatics drainage is a special massage designed to improve the flow of lymph and thereby help eliminate metabolic waste. In most cases, lymphatics massage gives good results in reducing cellulite.

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