Macrobiotic Diet: attention danger
Macrobiotic Diet: attention danger

Macrobiotic Diet: attention danger

The macrobiotic diet would affect the intellectual development of children subject to this type of food. The vitamin B12 deficiency, due to the absence of meat in the diet, would be the main culprit.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the Eastern concept of complementarity between yin and yang. This design is also applicable to foods. Cereals, for example, are in a balanced position and are the basis of the regime. Fruits, dairy products, sugar are very yin and therefore harmful.

Cereal first!

The macrobiotic diet The meat is not totally prohibited but is often disregarded. The extent of the forbidden foods is the degree reached by the adept. The strictest is also made from 100% grain.

A Dutch study of 72 adolescents of the same age and from the same social circles but having followed different diets during their childhood was conducted to assess the impact of this diet  of macrobiotic diet on cognitive abilities.

When cheese equal brainpower

The first group followed a macrobiotic diet until the age of 6 years and a lacto-vegetarian diet (with dairy). The second group, following a macrobiotic diet, adopted a classic omnivore diet. The third is a control group that has always eaten a varied diet.

Blood tests on the vitamin B12 status has been made.

Only the first group presents deficits, the other two have satisfactory results. This seems logical since vitamin B12 is found in animal foods, especially in the meat.

Intelligence tests “fluid”

A year later, the same assay was repeated with the same results. a series of tests to evaluate what the authors were associated call the “fluid” intelligence that is to say, learning ability, problem solving and abstract reasoning.

The first group of teenagers still have a low level of vitamin B12 and show “underperforming” for testing.

This would suggest a correlation between levels of vitamin B12 and intelligence “fluid”.

Second, and equally disturbing, the introduction childhood dairy products, does not seem to change the status of vitamin B12. By contrast, the deficit is easily compensated with meat.

Risk of stunting in macrobiotic diet

This study confirms that food exclusion diets are not benign in children, quite the contrary. They may be responsible, among other things, stunting. But it also seems that they could have an impact on the intellect. If confirmed, parents should really think before imposing their philosophical, ecological convictions … to their offspring.

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