Shiny skin, flushed cheeks, enlarged pores ... After the race, we are not in top beauty! At home or in the locker room, to find rapido a human face, we adopt the tips of Anne Guilmard, professional makeup artist.
How to wear makeup after a workout?
How to wear makeup after a workout?
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Makeup after workout routine

To find rapido a human face, we adopt the tips of Anne Guilmard, professional makeup artist for women who want to do make makeup after workout routine.

It cleanses her face in the rules of art

No good makeup without nickel skin. Good reflexes? In the shower, all trace of perspiration is eliminated, but also pollution and dust clinging to our skin if we ran outdoor, by foaming cleanser a dab of gel on his face. Then sprayed thermal water, a saving gesture that can complete the cleaning and refreshment. We keep wet skin one to two minutes, before drying gently pat our little face with a clean towel. We finally apply a gel or a matting and hydrating fluid.

The advantage? The skin continues to sweat two hours after exercise, this formula can subdue the brightness while restoring a good level of hydration, the race and the efforts resulting in serious water loss.

We makeup lightly

The face is made up ready for 5-10 minutes (time for the skin to absorb these assets and for us to get dressed). “As the skin needs to breathe, the foundation is avoided, too occlusive. It favors a tinted cream or BB cream that offers the advantage of camouflage large pores and redness, without smothering, “advises Anne Guilmard, professional makeup artist and seasoned sports.

Preferred is a cream blush

T area was then slightly matte finish with a transparent loose powder applied to the large brush. However, we can do without blush, run having already given us beautiful colors! “On the eyes, nothing like a cream blush, to be applied to the finger, preferably waterproof because it more resistant to perspiration, and in shades of brown, gold or copper,” recommends the expert.

This is followed by the make-up application of two coats of black mascara to open the eyes. Finally, a bright and slightly pink on the lips balm enough to perfect our makeup.

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