Makeup to go on weekend
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Makeup to go on weekend

Family holiday or romantic, we play to stay spruce natural and transparency makeup side. Here are the tips to know before making your vanity beauty.

The consultation light

Inside Outside !

As you walk in the forest or by the sea, we all dream of a skin texture naturally highlighted by the spring sunlight.

Basic tenet to remember: the more hydrated skin is more it gains in transparency and the foundation stretches and stands.

After putting his day cream, it adds a micro-drop of her skin  care products.

Fan of bb cream? Same advice.

The technique: it is deposited by button on the middle zone and stretched outwards, without forgetting the neck.

Rest concealer to correct the small imperfections and redness (if any) and to give relief to cheekbones with a coral blush. 80% of the work is done!

Complexion: boon avoid

Load too.

Over the hours, the makeup would age badly, especially outdoors, because of the sun and wind.

The tendency to appropriate

On weekends, no compulsory figure for the eyeshadow, it is according to his desires, and even the zapper, it’s allowed!

If, however, allow a stroke of ultra-fine pencil along the lash (to degrade finger) to subtly say the look.

And because a woman does not blink in the same way when she mascara, it is our absolute accomplice.

Always keep in mind less is more, the mouth must be primarily hydrated, small cracks labor complexion.

The must: a lightly colored balm, which gives a background color without pigment.

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