Makeup: What are the essential?
Makeup: What are the essential?
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Makeup: What are the essential?

No need for a busy makeup kit: better to build on some essential to look good.

Finally, for a fresh complexion, no need to spend 45 minutes in the mirror each morning. And no need to have a well-stocked makeup kit. In fact, it is just enough to have the necessary products.

It is all about the complexion

– The BB cream is our best ally make up. Its formula “all in one” allows to skip the foundation. Indeed, this care is moisturizing, unifying, covering and protective: it boosts skin radiance and promises a zero defect complexion. Everything, in a format convenient to carry.

– Difficult to ignore the anti identifies. For more than wrinkles, it really is the dark circles and bags that can spoil the beauty of the eyes. Anti stick identifies (or correction) helps us to camouflage the drawing light on it. Convenient for party or tomorrow morning very tired.

– Then it leaves room for mattifying powder fixes the foundation and matte skin unifying. We choose the tones in her skin or slightly lighter. And application, the emphasis on the T zone, ie forehead, nose and chin.

– Finally, the cheekbones and lightly brown to spice up the complexion, apply a little blush (or blush). He sculpts our features and gives a radiant setting.

Essentials makeup an open look

– The product is a mascara makeup essential. Black is chosen for everyday use and for all eye colors although one can obviously opt for a brown or blue mascara for more originality and imagination. It lengthens our lashes and enlarges our gaze.

– We invest in a good eyebrow pencil and it is even better if the one end, there’s a small brush to comb them. Eyebrows facial structure, emphasize the look while giving it depth. Hence although the makeup of interest, especially if the line is not perfect, if sparse or few for example.

Simplicity side we play up the lips

– Rather than a lipstick, using a lip balm colored. Coral, peach, rose, hazelnut, nude … they exist in many shades. We love the colored side but not sophisticated and comfort moisturizing lip balm. To have all the time on oneself.

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