Meat has misleading facts
Meat :misleading labels of meat product

Meat has misleading facts

In Europe, the meat product labels can be confusing, warned The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC).

Buy good meat now often falls within the puzzle. Based on tests performed by seven member organizations, the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC) has just indicated that the meat products “do not always meet the expectations of consumers, and that when the labels does not deliberately mislead “.

Fraud concerning the goods may take different forms. Sometimes we play on the name as the name “American filet prepared” which is reserved for products containing only the meats of beef or horse, while products labeled “prepared the chef” contain pork, says the Beuc in its report.

Labels can also be inaccurate, for example by not specifying the quantity of meats in a product, or by providing a false quantity.

The labeling problems also mislead the consumer about the quality of the meats. “Without a precision meat” mechanically separated “, the consumer may unknowingly eating the remains left on the carcass of an animal after the main cut” underlines the BEUC.

“Member States of the European Union should increase their controls and make sure the labels are complete and accurate,” noted Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC.

Note that to make its voice heard and to promote his fight for “meat in which we can trust,” the The European Consumer Organisation has launched a hashtag on social networks: #honestmeatslabels

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