Medical treatment of lung cancer
lung cancer
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Medical treatment of lung cancer


Treatment depends on several factors: the type of Lung cancer(small cell or not), its stage of development, human health status and, of course, what the person wants.

Several medical tests to diagnose and assess the severity of the cancer: analysis of sputum or blood samples, biopsy of suspicious lung mass and Lung cancer images obtained by different techniques (radiography, computed tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging). Positron emission tomography and bone scans the complete balance and to determine if there is presence of metastasis elsewhere in the body.

In some cases, it may be that the doctor and the patient come to the conclusion that the adverse effects of treatment outweigh the benefits. It is then possible to opt for palliative care, which will relieve without treating the disease.

Although in practice it is impossible to consider in planning a surgery, it is still interesting to know that the survival rate after surgery appears to be higher in the summer, due to the ensoleillement32,48,49. The sun causes the body produces more vitamin D. This vitamin especially plays a role in the cell proliferation cycle.

Small cell lung cancer

It usually offers a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. This type of cancer responds well to chemotherapy. The treatments can reduce the size of the cancer, to slow its growth while preventing metastasis. They usually last a few weeks or months, with stops to allow the body to recover. Nevertheless, relapses unfortunately remain common.

In the case of metastases, the radiotherapy will be administered at the location where they are housed.

Surgery is rarely used to treat Lung cancer small cell carcinoma.

Cancer non-small cell

We surgery when the tumor is localized and can be removed safely. The surgeon will either removal of a small portion of the lung (wedge resection device) or a segment (sector resection) or of an entire lobe (lobectomy) or an entire lung. (We have two lungs, left consists of two lobes, and the right to 3.) The operations require only a few days in hospital, but recovery may take several months. If necessary, a rehabilitation program can help the patient find the range of motion in the chest and arm and full breathing capacity. With time and through breathing exercises, lung tissue up grows and breath improves.

Sometimes, combined radiotherapy or chemotherapy to surgery to prevent relapse.

In people who are diagnosed with cancer in an advanced stage, it is often too late to the tumor is removed by surgery. The doctor then suggested chemotherapy or radiation therapy to slow the growth of cancer. These treatments can prolong life. However, they cause adverse effects. For more details, visit our Cancer Sheet (overview).

Experimental drugs may also be used to slow the progression of the tumor.

Tips for better manage side effects of treatment

Keep as much as possible a balanced diet despite the loss of appetite and adverse effects of treatment. The advice of a nutritionist can be very useful.

Staying active as possible.

Ensure enough sleep.

Read our Cancer Sheet (overview) for the complementary approaches that can be used.


Psychological and Social Support

Request the support of his family, join a support group, attend conferences or get support in psychotherapy are all ways to help get through the difficult times that may occur in the diagnosis and over of the disease. Several programs and services are provided in hospitals and by the associations dedicated to cancer.

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