Medical treatments of skin cancer
Cancer :Medical treatments of skin cancer
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Medical treatments of skin cancer

In this article, i will provide with the most  medical treatment  of skin cancers that will heal it,and there is each medical treatment according to the level of your cancer and your diagnosis.


Several  cancers of the skin can be completely eliminated by surgery. After skin locally anesthetized, the doctor extracted the cancerous tumor with a scalpel. Depending on the size, type and location of the cancer, it can either cauterize the wound, or close it with stitches.


In the case of some cancers very small or precancerous lesions, skin cancers is destroyed by extreme cold (using liquid nitrogen) the diseased tissue.


It is sometimes used in certain circumstances, for example when it is difficult to perform a surgery, or after surgery to kill cancers cell that may remain. It is to destroy cancer cells with electromagnetic radiation, trying to spare healthy tissue devices.

Topical chemotherapy

Sometimes anticancer drugs can be applied directly on the affected area. The treatment lasts several weeks.

Systemic chemotherapy

It consists in using, by injection or as tablets, chemicals in order to target and damage of cells that divide rapidly too. It is used, in particular, when the cancer is in a metastatic dissemination step.


Immunotherapy can be used to strengthen the immune system using certain substances, such as interferon or interleukin, in order to help it fight against cancer.


When a substantial portion of the skin was removed by surgery, may be used to graft skin. Is taken from the healthy skin of the patient’s body and is implanted where we conducted the ablation of cancer cells.

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