Men with a dog attract the women
Men with a dog attract the women

Men with a dog attract the women


The men who own a dog would have more success with women suggests a US study.

Science confirms it: men seem more “sexy” women’s eyes when they have a pet. A team of American researchers from different universities including that of Nevada (USA) conducted a survey to assess the place of seduction material dogs that used by men to attract women. On the panel of 1210 participants, 61% of respondents were female.

When asked about the attractiveness of a single man as he owns a dog or not, women reported being twice as attracted to men accompanied this pet. They would also be particularly attentive to the relationship maintained by the master with his dog.

A selection criterion

The interaction of man with his dog sends a signal to women on which they will rely on to consider a possible romantic relationship, the study published in the journal Anthrozoƶs. The men’s attention to the dog could be seen as a reflection of the love that man can bring to women. In other words, if the owner behaves with gentleness and tenderness with his animal, there is a good chance it has the same behavior with his loving partner. For women, the relationship between humans and animals is therefore a criterion for helping to project with his future partner and consider a lasting relationship, says the survey.

Man’s best friend would therefore be a good weapon of seduction. One trick that men in search of a partner may serve well to add to their “sex appeal”.

And for those who do not know what would be their reaction to this man-dog duo, the Instagram account Hotdudeswithdogs should help you to make your own judgment.

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