Athletes should supplement vitamin D
Athletes should supplement vitamin D
Athletes should supplement vitamin D

Mineral D is a good component

People who regularly play sports high impact should monitor their mineral  D levels to avoid stress fractures.

When a bone is regularly exposed to the same pressure excessively (a bone in the ankle in a marathon for example), sometimes it cracks. This is called a stress fracture. This is not a classic like fracture that can occur following a violent impact, but a small crack of the bone caused by significant and repeated stresses in case you don’t use mineral  D .

To avoid this type of fracture in athletes who regularly practice a high-impact sports (such as running or tennis), it would, according to new research, monitor the levels of mineral  D and develop a supplementation.

Over a period of 3 years between July 2011 and August 2014, Malvern physicians in sports medicine center in Pennsylvania (USA) found the mineral  D levels of patients who felt pain in the feet and ankles for which suspected stress fractures. And four out of five had a mineral  D level less than optimal. Two thirds of them were women and the average age of the athletes was 43 years.

Mineral  D deficiency is not the only risk factor for fracture
According to doctors, the study just published in the medical journal Foot and ankle surgery, mineral  D is not the only risk factor for fractures in athletes.

“Other factors, including the white race, female sex, smoking and alcohol abuse, the use of steroids, low bone density, low body mass index and bisphosphonate therapy all have related to the development of stress fractures, “said Jason Miller, lead author of the study.

But mineral  D supplementation to maintain a rate of at least 40 ng / mL could help athletes reduce risk.
Bit present in the diet, it  mainly produced by the skin under the effect of sunlight. His skin synthesis decreases with age, doctors agree on the need to give extra winter to avoid deficiencies, especially as they approach menopause. But beware, a mineral  Dsupplementation should be prescribed by a doctor.

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