Mixed feeding plan for your baby

Mixed feeding plan for your baby

Mixed feeding plan for your baby
Develop a breastfeeding and bottle feeding, regardless of the reason you want, is quite possible. However, it must follow some rules of Mixed feeding  for you and your baby.

Mixed feeding: not too early!

Many moms first question: can we make a mixed feeding immediately? “It’s better to wait three weeks or one month after the start of breastfeeding to set up a mixed feeding, advise Véronique Darmangeat. The idea is to make exclusive breastfeeding from the outset to properly install lactation, “she adds. After the first month, the volume of milk is fairly stable overall. The ideal time to switch to a mixed feeding? 5 months, according to our expert. “More lactation is installed, the better it works,” she says. The lactation consultant nuance however: “Some mothers are setting up this mixed feeding to 10 days and it is going very well.”

Each case is unique! To guide you, remember two important concepts: You can switch to a mixed feeding if your milk is properly installed and if your baby has a good suction. “If he is not feeding well, it will be difficult to go from breast to bottle and back again,” said Véronique Darmangeat.

Mixed feeding: a practical guide

Mixed feeding “Start with a first bottle of milk powder by 24” advises the specialist. Should priority replacing a feeding in particular? “It does not matter, she says. Unless the mother has the impression of having a lot of milk in the morning, in this case replace the feed may be uncomfortable for her.” He added: “Before proceeding to a second bottle, you must wait until lactation is suitable and that there is no congestion”.

It usually takes between 2 and 4 days. Proceed the same way to spend 3 or 4 bottles. Ideally, you will retain 3-4 feedings per 24 hours for that lactation lasts. “Until three months, it is even better to keep more feedings,” said the counselor. The risk if you make it less? That milk production is less than what you want.

Here again, however, every situation is unique. For some mothers who are more than two feedings, lactation stops, in others it does not prevent the continuation of breastfeeding. For moms returning to work, “Véronique Darmangeat” advises a feeding in the morning, when you get your a child and a third at bedtime. Another tip for a successful mixed feeding: do not put the bottles after the beginning but alternate breast and bottle to avoid the risk of clogging. Then you can do as you wish.

You can quite successfully implement the breastfeeding alone, especially if you already know your breastfeeding and lactation. Be accompanied, however, can be safer when you start.

Mixed feeding: testimonials from moms

Djiins, 30, 1 girl 5 months soon
I set up a mixed breastfeeding at 1 month to relieve me a little

I started to mixed feeding my daughter one month, mainly to be able to relieve myself occasionally, to get out more than 1:30 without it or you can hand over when fatigue was too present. The first month was challenging enough, I did not sleep more than 3 hours per 24 hours. I needed this help.

I thought my milk shoot but I did that 2 times, failing to invest me with that side when I did not have my daughter in. I introduced the evening and 1 bottle 1 bottle in the morning. Dad got up one morning to feed 2 to 6 pm our daughter so I was able to recover a lot in a short time. I already had not had any milk spectacular rise and it is clear that unless the baby sucks, the less milk product. Also with REF (Reflex Eject Fort), feedings become quite laborious in the late afternoon and evening, despite my efforts to implement everything we had advised me.

Living situation badly enough, I felt those moments in the evening more as constraints, so I brought over bottles … which led to its withdrawal in two months. If it again, I would start mixed feeding later, especially by introducing fewer bottles, except for the morning when it really helped me to take, but for me it’s really a good compromise in the sense that we can feed her child while granting only beaches or sleep times a little longer.




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