Monoi elixir is a new beauty treatment
Monoi elixir : the holiday of beauty treatment
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Monoi elixir is a new beauty treatment

The beauty secret of Polynesian women for millennia is monoi elixir which  is sensual and holiday care by excellence.

Monoi: universal care

Made forever by the “mamas” Tahitian,monoi elixir is from the maceration tiare flowers in coconut oil, obtained from coconut sun dried. Other flowers can be added or natural essences such as vanilla, ylang-ylang, sandalwood.

Present in initiation rites and traditional medicine, monoi elixir is part of local life and is used by everyone, in all circumstances, in particular to protect the local climate: salt, wind, strong sunshine.

If he basically seduced Europe thanks to its enchanting fragrance, monoi elixir has other virtues! Very rich in saturated fatty acids, the Monoi nourishes, repairs and sublime skin as well as hair. Just look manes Tahitian and satin skin to be convinced.

A recipe to protect

Faced with this enthusiasm, it was necessary to shelter monoi elixir copies and counterfeits.

The goal is to preserve its active ingredients and cosmetic properties, but also an important economic resource for the archipelago.

This is the only cosmetics to benefit from a designation of origin “Monoi de Tahiti”, establishing a set of very precise specifications. For example, coconut used must be from the Polynesian coral soils and exclusively. Then, to one liter of coconut oil must be added ten Tiare flower buds, harvested in the morning. There are also strict standards for the transport and storage.

Monoi and organic?

Although this is a natural product, there is not (yet) certified organic Tahitian monoi elixir , due to the presence of refined coconut oil.

One can find monoi elixir manufactured with virgin coconut oil, but then leaves the specification of the designation of origin … So nothing guarantees the content tiare flowers! In short, it is a difficult subject to major financial issues. Balance sheet, at present, the Monoi bios can not affix the stamp on their bottle “AO Monoi de Tahiti.”

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