Morphonutrition: each figure has its thinness solution


In his book “Lose weight by your body,” Dr. Raphael Blairvacq reveals the secrets of morphonutrition and eight different diets to lose weight in a targeted manner based on its morphological type.

According to this specialist in nutrition and dietetics, people overweight correspond to eight types profiles or “Morphonutrition” key. The extra weight accumulates in specific areas of the body and transform the silhouette differently depending on their origin: overeating, sedentary lifestyle, stress, heredity, poor circulation … For each of the eight identified morphotypes, Dr. Blairvacq offers a balanced ┬ádiet with customized menus and recipes as well as an adapted sports program and aesthetic advice and hygiene. Here is a brief overview:

Boost weight overload: The people concerned are of high bust, with the face, neck, shoulders and thick chest and sometimes the belly also. They may have a lump of fat in the neck. Raphael Blairvacq recommends eating less, of course! In addition: never white bread, biscuits, jam, spreadable chocolate paste or alone without accompanying bread for breakfast. The recommended supplements: ginseng, chromium and red vine.

Weight sedentary Overload: Formerly rather thin and sports, individuals concerned have developed love handles resistant since they stopped to spend regularly. Excess weight does not exceed 3 kg for females and 5 kilos in men. According to Dr. Blairvacq, the recovery of a sport is imperative! It also recommends that they take the capsules with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), cocoa, green tea and resveratrol.

Nervous abdominal overweight: The people concerned have a big belly taut with a mass of fat “shield” on the front of the abdomen. Their belly is often painful especially in times of stress. Their overweight does not exceed 10 kilos and only the waist size is increased. For Dr. Blairvacq priority is to combat eating disorders such as snacking, cravings and sugar cravings. Recommended dietary supplements: lemon balm, valerian, resveratrol, fructo-oligosaccharides, ginseng, chromium and vegetable charcoal.

Atherogenic Obesity: The individuals concerned have a protruding belly, cold and zebra vessels and love handles. Their overweight does not exceed 20 kilos and only the waist size is increased. This type of figure poses real risks to health due to the presence of a large amount of visceral fat. The author proposes to act on all fronts, including lowering cholesterol and sugar, eating more foods rich in omega 3, and take garlic capsules, CLA, soy lecithin, Green coffee and resveratrol.

Prediabetic metabolic obesity: Affected people have skinny legs and a big belly warm (sometimes very large). Their maximum overweight of 20 kilos. Among the advice of nutritionist: exclude all sugars called “fast” that is to say with high glycemic index. Recommended dietary supplements: nopal, chrome, resveratrol, fructo-oligosaccharides and charcoal.

Overweight or gluteal saddlebags: Only women are concerned. Their bust is often late or skinny but their thighs and buttocks are overrun with fat and cellulite. Among the advice of Dr. Blairvacq: reduce salt intake, saturated fat and carbohydrates with high glycemic index. Recommended dietary supplements: green tea, cocoa and red wine.

Hereditary overweight or Zouave pants: Only women are concerned. Their figure “violin” is characterized by an accumulation of fat between the navel and the knees with cellulite on thighs and buttocks and a small belly. The author recommends reducing the consumption of salt and sugar “fast” and take green tea capsules, red wine, lemon balm and fenugreek.

Circulatory overweight or venous and lymphatic boots: Only women are concerned. Their legs are heavy, swollen and overflowing with cellulite, and their ankles are thick. Among the advice of Dr. Blairvacq: reduce salt and consume suckers foods including lean protein at every meal, even breakfast. The recommended supplements of Morphonutrition such as green tea, witch hazel, cocoa, queen Meadowsweet, fennel diving, fenugreek and red vine.

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