My hair dresser has goofed!
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My hair dresser has goofed!

We feel  disappointed once   our hair  cut or color is  “failed”? Do not worry, ladies, Fabien Provost gives us solutions to make up for a poorly negotiated chisel stroke.

My cup is too sharp

This can happen, especially on fine hair; too sharp cut can then turn to the effect of “three hairs on the stone.”

The board  of Fabien Provost: The tapering is done generally on the tips. Even slightly shorten the length, I recommend to take all the cut to reduce taper too.

My coloring is missed

This is one of the most common cases: the color (especially house) can give a result far from the desired effect. A blond who turns “straw” brown that gives a black raven, which turns an auburn “carrot hair” too light, too dark … what to do with our hair?

The board Fabien Provost: There it is only one solution: to go to salon and seek advice colorists who will rectify the shot by cleaning unwanted reflections and providing them the desired color.

Our advice: For those who could not afford a haircut two passes in a few days, one can always try to make up the cost with a “gloss” commercially purchased.

But beware, this can be risky! There is no guarantee that this is the most beautiful effect.

My bangs too short

Until the regrowth of the fringe, on use tips for styling.

The board Fabien Provost is sweeping the bangs to one side using styling products for a good performance. We can also mix it with a longer fuse, always sweeping in on the side, but for a more natural result.

My cup is too short …

In this case, unfortunately, there is not much to do: either we wait for it patiently pushes either one passes extensions.

Fabien Provost’s tip: The solution: the extensions. I invite you to visit the Franck Provost extensions Center that offers you to transform your cut with 100% natural hair strands. 4 textures: stiff-flexible strayed (different types: 1, 2.3) – 10 lengths of 20-50 cm – 3 sizes of fasteners points: normal, micro, medium.

I am an allergy after I did ask additions (or Afro braids)

It is relatively rare, but some may have an allergy reaction (scalp scratching, burning.

after being ask additions.

Fabien Provost’s tip: In that case, which can not happen at Franck Provost Extensions Center, consult a dermatologist and use mild shampoos.

My turns scanning the leopard

This is a classic: what could be more pleasant than a pretty sweeping, sun for a nice effect in the summertime? Sometimes, however, the effect light turns safari, with color differences too trenches so “Leopard.”

Fabien Provost’s tip: It must return to living and redo finer strands to melt the contrast

My square is too plunging

The plunging square is a “must” hairstyles trends in recent years, but unfortunately it can, if exaggerated, be difficult to accept for those who do not want to look like a hybrid of Paris Hilton and Cleopatra.

The board Fabien Provost: We must return to the salon and ask overlap lengths framing facial contours and then take two more long locks to attach the middle of the vortex.

My white hair color turns violet

This is quite common, some colors may turn “purple” in white hair.

The board Fabien Provost: You have to neutralize it with a more golden.

Help, I’m losing my hair after straightening

We can never say it enough, straightening (by product) are very aggressive, especially if abused.

Result ? The hair is weakened and fall in packs!

The board Fabien Provost: In this case, you must wait until the hair grows back and take appropriate dietary supplements. Shampoos and hair care mature and / or purposes can also help you re-densify your hair (shampoo Volum’Active Franck Provost).

I wanted wild curls, I have a poodle mane

The permanent can change head and give some volume to hair too “raplapla” but if misfires, you can quickly look like her poodle.

The board Fabien Provost: We must wait and especially not straighten. Meanwhile you can do to soften the blow drying hair.

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