My hair takes my head!
My hair takes my head!
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My hair takes my head!

Hair flat, dull, electric, free falling … Winter does them no gifts. Our top tips to give them a boost.

Hair: A nothing electrifies

They bristle constantly, squealing when touched, and even world champions for tangling.

Why it happens?

The hairs is attracted by a comb or by a garment, because electric charge is opposed to the ambient air. The phenomenon is mostly seasonal: dry air and cold winter, heating, synthetic clothing increases the electrical charge of everything around us.

The idea hairstyle.

To avoid bad habits on long hairs, every little buns are welcome. The sexiest? One a little loose that one door side and that exceeds the cap.

The parade-insurgency.

Use sufficiently nourishing shampoos that, without greasing, will bring their outfit and material. And smoothing treatments that protect the hair and give it more weight to resist the pull caps and other turtleneck.

Good reflexes.

– Approach wet hands from her hairs, it helps to neutralize static electricity.

– Mix in a vaporization sateur plants for a small bottle of water with a dab of conditioner to moisturize the hair and texturize.

– Use a dryer called “ion” which stops this phenomenon and protect the hair fiber.

– Swapping his cap against a pretty silk scarf: it is radical against static electricity.

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