Myths about weight loss and dieting
Myths about weight loss and dieting

Myths about weight loss and dieting

Many of the myths spread with respect to the subject of the descent of weight loss  and dieting , such as whether sport alone is sufficient without the adoption of a diet! Correct some of these false beliefs

Many spin the news about what’s new in the world of diet and weight descent, both last diets, or a new slimming pills, herbs, or various surgical procedures and suggestions resulting from special tests. Corrected ten private rumors of weight loss and dieting :

  1. Adoption low-calorie diets, fasting and starvation mode, the solution for excess baggage

Adoption of diet and a tough few calories may help in the temporary loss of weight quickly return times as well as some negative side effects on your health. The application of such systems and adopting life style will be very difficult, and quickly return to the previous system operations slower metabolism and less energy, which may push you to turn to eat sugars, fats, and thus an increase in the intake of calories, leading to weight gain.

  1. There may be a few do-calorie diet without physical activity

This is not recommended, the descent of a healthy weight is through a healthy and appropriate diet Reduced Calorie appropriate addition to the exercise of the right of physical activity, both complementary to some and contribute to the success of the operation and access to long-term goals, without reducing calorie intake level to some extent Garamlaim. And it advised the adult usually exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. It is aiming to descent weight most likely need to even greater than that in the exercise to increase the amount of calories burned time.

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3-do of exercise alone may contribute to the descent of weight without making any changes to diet

A misconception, because despite the fact that the practice of regular physical activity is a must and necessary, but it alone will not be enough to help the descent of weight. As we have stated previously blending a healthy diet with adequate physical activity together are the best solution to achieve the goals of the long-term, and help burn calories more calories.

  1. slimming pills and medicines to help the burning of fat alone in weight loss

Of course not, usually with drugs slimming effects are negative side back on the body is not recommended for use only in certain cases and special conditions, and on the recommendation of a physician. And of course on their own without the obligation of diet and my health will not work.

  1. healthy foods high cost compared with fast food

not necessarily! Usually many varieties of healthy eating exist, several options may help you to make healthy meal and cooked instead of eating junk food and pans and food high in fat and sugars, salt and less costs.

  1. inclusion of low-fat or sugar on the food label of the product means that healthy options

You should be warned of this, some of these claims may be misleading commercial. Foods that may be written by very high in fat or sugar most likely be low but it is not completely free, this does not necessarily mean that more validity than others of these varieties. Some of them may be a little high in fat and high-contrast sugars or carbohydrates.

  1. margarine healthier than butter and margarine

Line, margarine may contain less total and saturated fat compared with butter, but it contains a high percentage of hydrogenated fats and trans harmful to health.


  1. Cancel takingmedicinebefore some meals will contribute to the descent of weight

Will not help you, it is not the solution to avoid the breakfast or eat any of the snacks and reducing the number of meals, but rather the contrary! Maintaining energy levels in our bodies by eating several health and calculated the size and calorie meals during the day is the perfect solution to help you adjust the amount of eating intake, and reduce your sense of hunger and promote the metabolism and burn fat.

  1. Drink Water way to lose weight

Does not drink water directly to weight loss, water is important for the body’s various vital Balalmyat It is important to keep the humidity. But sometimes thirst may contribute to increase the popularity of calorie intake as a means of filled, Eating water will reduce the habit as well as reducing the intake of some snacks or reduce the size of meals taken as a result of a feeling of fullness after drinking the water. It is recommended to eat at least 1.2 liters of fluid per day, according to the British Ministry of Health.

10-Cancel carbohydrate intake is the solution to the descent of weight

Some might think that it Cancel Kabroheedarat from within his regime daily diet will contribute to the descent of the weight being a source of high energy and calories. But this habit wrong, Eliminating carbohydrates usually comes at the expense of an increase in other nutrients such as protein or fat in the diet as Watkins which usually have negative side effects on health. Carbohydrate intake, especially complex ones and quantities are correct and calculated within a balanced diet will help you reach the ideal weight.

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