Nails forms that require attention
Nails forms that require attention
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Nails forms that require attention


It may indicate different nails to the problems of public forms to your health – but do you know how to read the signs? Check the well 7 pictures of cases requiring medical care.

Nail Fingernail

Nail Fingernail are small depressions in the nails. Nail fingernail common among people who suffer from psoriasis – a condition that is distinguished by scaly patches on the skin. Nail fingernail may be due to connective tissue disorders.

Interlocking nail

Fingernail entanglement occurs when a swell fingertips fingernail and wraps around the edges of the finger, usually with the passage of years. Interlocking nails sometimes result from a lack of oxygen in blood may be a reference to a variety of lung diseases. Interlocking nails sometimes associated with inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, hepatitis and AIDS.

The toenails of the concave

Concave nails are a form of soft nails . Concavity be a great habit to the extent that could prove inside a drop of liquid. Often, the cause of the concavity nails a symptoms of relapsing anemia and iron deficiency, or in the case of liver disease known hemochromatosis, the body absorbs more than necessary of the iron from the food you eat. Associated concavity also nail  heart disease and hypothyroidism.

Terry nail

In the case known as nails Terry, Includes a party every dark spots. Sometimes due to aging. In other cases, it may be a sign of a serious condition, as a disease of the liver, congestive heart failure or diabetes.

Bo lines

Bo lines are appeared  on the length of the nail. It may appear when the growth of the province under the skin by an injury or severe illness. Includes related lines Bo cases, diabetes out of control and peripheral artery disease, in addition to diseases associated with high heat, such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps and pneumonia. Bo lines may be a reference to the lack of tin.

Abruption fingernail

Nails become loose and may separate from the fingernail position. Sometimes loose nails linked to injury or infection. In other cases, the disintegration of the fingernail serve as a reaction to a drug or expose. Thyroid gland disease and psoriasis – is a condition diagnosed the presence of scaly patches on the skin – can also lead to the disintegration of the fingernail.

Yellow fingernail syndrome

Within yellow fingernail syndrome, it solidifies fingernail and slowing new growth. This leads to a yellowing of the nails. You may separate the infected nail syndrome yellow fingernail from the skin and ever-all positions fingernail. In many cases, yellow fingernail syndrome be a sign of respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis. Yellow fingernail syndrome may also linked to lymphatic edema.

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