Natural treatments of fibromyalgia
Natural treatments of fibromyalgia

Natural treatments of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease characterized by chronic widespread pain, fatigue, as well as sleep disorders, and sometimes symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Affecting mostly women, fibromyalgia can have a significant impact on quality of life. The exact causes are unknown and many patients seek alternatives to medication. What results can we expect?

The gluten-free diet

If you suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome or IBS) and fibromyalgia, you may have an intolerance to gluten. A gluten-free diet can then relieve your symptoms, not just digestive.

Researchers examined 104 people who suffered from fibromyalgia and IBS, and compared with 125 people who had a diagnosis of IBS but not fibromyalgia. Seven of the IBS Group / fibromyalgia have received a positive diagnosis of celiac disease, or 6.7% of the group studied. They had never been diagnosed before. This percentage may seem low. But we must remember that the prevalence of celiac disease in the general population did not reach 1%. This means that people with both fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome are almost 9 times more likely to have this disease. Celiac disease is an intolerance to gluten, a protein group of several grains including wheat. The eviction of gluten is the only known cure.

In this study, once diagnosed coeliacs participants began to eat gluten-free, they experienced “a remarkable improvement of digestive and systemic symptoms,” the researchers write.

Vitamin D

Supplementation with vitamin D would be an effective and inexpensive alternative to the treatment of fibromyalgia. According to Austrian researchers publish their results in PAIN, it could complete the drug treatment and the other existing therapies.

Viennese researchers wanted to study the effects of vitamin D on fibromyalgia patients. In fact, low levels of vitamin D in the blood are particularly common in patients suffering from this disease.

30 women with fibromyalgia have low levels of vitamin D in the blood (below 32 ng / mL) were randomized into two groups: one group supplemented with vitamin D and placebo group. A significant reduction in the level of perceived pain was increased in the treated group, which has improved his fitness over placebo group. In addition, the group supplemented vitamin D had better results in a standard questionnaire of fibromyalgia for the “morning fatigue” item. However, there were no significant changes in the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Conclusion: check the levels of vitamin D when suffering from fibromyalgia and get to the sun (sunny days) or complement appropriate.

Coenzyme Q10

In a preliminary study, researchers measured levels of Coenzyme Q10 in the blood of ten patients with fibromyalgia. In all persons the rate was abnormally low. The researchers started supplementation.

For three months, each person received an additional 300 mg of Coenzyme Q10. At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that the rate of Coenzyme Q10 is back to normal but it was accompanied by a significant improvement in symptoms of fatigue and pain.

Conclusion: Supplementation with CoQ10 could be tried. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for any cons-indications.


Spanish researchers compared acupuncture treatment to a placebo ( “sham acupuncture”) in 153 adults with fibromyalgia in a randomized controlled trial conducted at three medical centers in southern Spain. The treatments were provided at a rate of nine sessions of 20 min. Patients should continue taking their usual medication: painkillers and antidepressants. They rated their pain levels, depression, quality of life, through questionnaires at the beginning of treatment and 10 weeks, six months and one year later.

Analysis of the results showed that, after 10 weeks, the intensity of perceived pain was lower among those who had had acupuncture treatment: their pain scores decreased by 41%, against 27% with placebo treatment . Significant differences persisted after one year, with an average 20% decrease in the pain score in patients treated compared to 6% who had a simulation of treatment.

Acupuncture has proven so effective for pain relief compared to placebo treatment. It also improves the quality of life and nine weekly sessions allow always visible results after one year. Side effects were mild and rare, making researchers say that acupuncture is an interesting treatment of fibromyalgia.

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