Neurological examination

Neurological examination

Neurological examination
The neurological examination tests the reflexes and the baby tone. automatic start, “grasping”. are all movements that the doctor will search and provoke.

Neurological examination allows one hand to assess the maturation of the child and also to detect any anomaly. The tests must be conducted in a wide awake child. If he is crying or sleeping, the test results have no value.

Automatic switch

Having found liability tone members, the pediatrician did work out at the baby. He puts it up on a hard surface and observe the strong recovery of the lower limbs and the trunk and neck. The baby sits up and takes a few seconds vertical. Often it blank steps: the automatic switch reflex. It can even climb over an obstacle.

Kissing: an early reflex

The baby’s neurological examination If the pediatrician grabbed the newborn by both hands, slightly raises the level of the bed then let go suddenly, it triggers a movement of the extension arm , with open hands, then cry gesture of embrace by closing the arms. This is the Moro reflex which also be caused by pulling sharply on foot or by causing a sudden noise.

When baby grabs!

Many other reflexes are sought. For example, grasping or grasping reflex is obtained by placing his fingers in the palm of the child. Baby hands close on the fingers of the examiner and tonic reflex, distributed to all the flexors of the arm and shoulder can lift the bed plane The arm of the passage is another fun reflex to see: the newborn is placed on his stomach, face pressed on the examination table and elongated upper limbs along the trunk. The infant directs his head sideways to clear his nose and regain a better inspiration. Secondly, he slowly bent his arm to the side of the face and puts his hand over his mouth. If one prevents the rotation of the head, the reaction is blocked.

The tone and reflexes are judged by the term newborn. It is by examining carefully the newborn that the pediatrician is able to set a specific neurological age.

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