No more rules with intrauterine contraception
intrauterine:No more rules with intrauterine contraception

No more rules with intrauterine contraception

Effectiveness against-indications, side effects: it is sometimes difficult to choose the contraception. And if you tried the intrauterine contraceptive Mirena system? Explanations.

The intrauterine system Mirena is an intrauterine device, but unlike the traditional IUD or “IUD” Copper is a method of contraception at local hormonal action, and therefore, the least dosed contraceptive method. Unlike the pill, the installation of this coil does not induce any side effects. Only her one size (it is a bit big and long) is somewhat awkward and does not allow the girls to use it easily.

Local action allows minimal hormonal shift in the blood: the side effects are infrequent, but the contraceptive efficacy is fully recognized.

No more rules?
The installation of a progestin intrauterine system considerably reduces the volume of rules and may even delete them. This disappearance is done gradually, over a period of 3 to 6 months after laying said Dr. Elisabeth Aubeny gynecologist While some women do not see their rules disappear, they find a strong decrease in volume.
To stop the short-term rules, Dr. Elisabeth Aubeny rather recommend taking non-stop pill, that is to say link the platelets 21 pldays. For platelet 28 days, remove the placebo.
Warning: Mirena IUD arises for a period of five years, but does not shirk a routine annual check at your gynecologist.

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