No tobacco to get pregnant!
No tobacco to get pregnant!
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No tobacco to get pregnant!


If you have a baby project, it is essential to drive the tobacco to put the odds on your side. Whether natural conception or IVF, prospective parents should absolutely stop smoking. Overview of  tobacco harms in fertility.

Stop tobacco before pregnancy is not only intended to protect the health of the fetus. It is also essential to successfully get pregnant by giving up from  smoking tobacco immediately!

Deleterious effects

The deleterious effects of tobacco on fertility in general

Tobacco risk of fertilite in man

Erectile dysfunction (which disappears in smoking cessation)

Impaired sperm motility

Increase in abnormal sperm

Decreased sperm count

DNA damage sperm

Increased number of white blood cells in semen, subfertility factors.

At the woman’s home :

Decline in the number of oocytes

Increased number of abnormal oocytes

Decline in the number of eggs released

Delay in design, directly proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked and duration of smoking tobacco .

Advancement of menopausal age (2 years earlier on average).

The father or the mother smoke and could significantly reduce the fertility of the couple. It is therefore essential to wean baby foremost project! Moreover, tobacco is one of the reasons to use in vitro fertilisation for some couples.

IVF non smoker!

The deleterious effects of smoking on IVF techniques are also known. In general, fewer embryos are obtained in smokers, and implantation rates are worse. conception rate would be half as good in smokers, and the rate of final pregnancy (usually 20%) would be 15% in those who light up more than 10 cigarettes a day.

Moreover, the IVF centers strongly encourage patients to stop smoking. Some go further and refuse smokers! Note that this is for their good. Treatments for solving fertility problems are often heavy and expensive and it is therefore necessary from the start to do everything to improve the odds of success, to reduce the number of tests and reduce delays.

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